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And they want to ban him?


Savannah Super Cat
Mr. Kovu is by far the BEST pet I've ever had. That says a lot, because we grew up with a lot of animals. lol

I have endometriosis and some days, like today, I'm just in so much pain I cant even get out of bed. I spent six hours sleeping, taking medicine, and just laying in bed hoping the pain would finally ease up. The WHOLE time I was in bed Kovu stayed right there next to my head. If I rolled over he'd meow at me, get up, and lay down in front of me so he could see my face.

So instead of his normal afternoon of playing with blue fishy, climbing the cat tower, sleeping on the top of the cat tower, eating food, begging for treats, he spent the day curled up in bed keeping me company and making sure I was okay.

What kind of animal does that? An AWESOME one. NOT one that should be banned.


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Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Aww...what a good boy! I'm sorry you are going through this; I'm glad Kovu is there to comfort you :)

Savannahs do seem to be in tune with what is going on with us....and they ARE awesome!