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Anesthesia for neuter

Hello ,
... what kind of anesthesia do I need to make sure the vet uses for my baby Leo’s neutering? If I am correct, they can NOT have ketamine..... my old vet is no longer here to see what they gave my other savannah for his neuter. He will be going in this week, I just need to make sure the vet is educated. Any recommendations for a vet in Las Vegas? Thank you everyone so much for all of your help and guidance with my 2 Savannah’s.


Staff member
Isoflurane is typically used during surgery. Ketamine might be a component of the pre-surgery injection used to make a cat relaxed and sleepy but I've seen discussions in the past on FB where breeders have said it's not a commonly used drug anymore. I don't know if that is true across the board or for certain areas of the country. Talk to someone at the vet clinic in advance and make sure you are comfortable with their protocol. Neutering is a fairly quick procedure and typically heavy duty anesthesias aren't used.


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Most vets I've called around here use ketamine, some as part of a starter shot for gas, some exclusively with no gas. As far as I've read the safety issue is debatable, but I erred on the side of caution and asked my vet (who does use isofluorane gas) to remove any ketamine from the starter mix. They'll tell you what they use if you ask, and any vet worth their salt will happily comply with a no ketamine request.

I live I Oregon, so can't help with a vet, but hopefully someone from NV will chime in. :)

And, Witchy is totally right about the neuter procedure, they don't put them out as heavy as the ladies, and if you can find a vet who uses the laser method it's even easier - my boys were healed and running around the next day.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
My vet just uses dexdomitor as it is such a quick procedure, and domitor has a reversal agent so is much safer than ketamine. The issue with ketamine is that it has no reversal agent so if an overdose occurs you can't give a reversal agent and you can't take the mask off (as with the inhaled anesthetics). Ketamine additionally is dosed by weight but assumes a certain % of body fat, well Savannahs tend to the lean side so they don't have as much fat to absorb the anesthetic leaving more in the system to cause an overdose. It's a cheaper anesthetic but there's a reason there are newer anesthesia methods out there.
Even if safely through the procedure, ketamine is a hallucinogen and some have actually damaged themselves or their owners by getting wildly out of control with no awareness of where they are or what they are doing.