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Another Elusive - Perseus - F5 SBT Male


Staff member
He is a nice looking boy. I can't get the 3rd pic to open up, is it really large or ??


yes, he does have some nice ears...I am watching Ixas, Perseus and Tau..but then I have seen Agenor and Dracos looking good as well...what is a girl to do?
Keep Cinny!

(and which boy is the one left out? :( poor thing, bet he has an awesome personality)


Staff member
I wish I could keep Cinny and who knows, I may, although I do have several inquiries on her, so am working on that.

Poseidon is left out, but looks like I am beginning to narrow it down...Agenor is also with Poseidon. it is probably narrowed down to Ixas, Perseus and Tau...they are all so awesome and all have wonderful personalities...I wish I didn't have to narrow it down at all. But I can only keep one kitten to show.