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Another Scam, Thought I'd Share (w/ Photos)

Hello Everyone-
I'm new here, but have been an enthusiast of the breed for a while and have been saving up for a proper F2 kitten. A friend of mine told me about an ad on CraigsList LA for two F2 kittens, one male and one female for a very low price ($300). It seemed a bit too good to be true, but I figured I'd inquire and what the hell. This was the response I got, from the email address ( - Amanda Wilk)

Thanks for the mail and interest in the little Kittens. I am sorry for the late response,we were busy trying to move our stuffs out to our new home.They are 11 weeks old and their names are Lina and Lino.They are our darling angels. We love them so much but its unfortunate that we cant even give them the love and affection we have in our hearts for them. I have just won my A A P D scholarship to further my studies in LEEDS,UK.So i won,t have that much time to take good care of them.This is the reason why we have decided to find a home for them which will show them all the love and care which they need,Because we don,t have the time to take care of them while we are out.

The Female: Lina
-She is house Trained and Potty.
-She eat 2 times daily .
-She Is socialized with kids and other house hold pets .
-She will come running when she hear someone coming, to get some love.
-She is a portable baby.
-she likes to be taken out on walks

About Lino The Male :
-Lino has loads of personality, attentive, playful, intelligent and will make one person or the entire family a great companion.
-He is house and potty Trained.
-He like a out door play like in the lawn.
-He eats 2 times a day
-He likes to keep him self away from the crowd but is also socialized.

Hope you wont mind telling a little about your self , so I will love to know this from you.
Are you married..?
Do you have kids..?
Which of the kittens are you interested in taking?
Are you a breeder..?
Where are you located (state,city) ?
Your phone number ?
have you ever raised kittens before??
how old are you ?
whats your occupation ?
how soon do you need them ?

I am just being concerned about the type of home they will be going to ,so that is why i am curious to know. We love them so much and we want to make sure they go to a family that will show them the affection they deserve.They are health guaranteed,TICA registered and will come along with all their papers.So before we would have to proceed i will need you to provide me with the reply of the questions i asked earlier
thanks for understanding

Now of course, the poor grammar should be a giveaway, but some things seemed plausible, so I sent back a quick email answering her questions. Her next email said she was in Hawaii (why advertise in LA?) and that she wanted me to pay to ship the kitten. Now, it sounded sketchy, so I googled "Savannah Cat Scam" and ended up to a thread on this site. Browsing around the sections, I found another thread with a similar letter and nearly identical kitten names.

While I waited to be approved to post here in this forum, I got another email requesting a Western Union transfer to Cameroon! So yeah, definitely a scam. Here are some pictures of the kittens that this woman sent me, maybe they can be traced to a breeder as they are sooooo cute, as well as a screen grab of the "official registered email" from "One Way Pet" in Cameroon. Lina again.jpg Lina playing.jpg Lina still.jpg Lina...jpg Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 8.22.54 AM.png Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 8.23.13 AM.png Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 8.23.39 AM.png


Staff member
Thanks for posting! Just remember - there are no F2's for sale for such a low price...that, the shipping and poosr grammer are dead giveaways.

I am working on a system for savannah cat breeders that will help the public to know what is an authentic website and what is not. I should be able to work on it in January and have it done the same month - 2013...
Yeah I kind of figured that after the first email, that it was too good to be true, but I figured as long as I didn't send them money or sensitive personal details, it was at least worth one email to see what the deal was. Looks like I'll just keep saving and get from a breeder.


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Not to mention that the kitten is clearly an F1. If someone has an F2 that look like that, I am first in line! Oh and for that price too! Right.
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Doreen needs to start watermarking her pics...
I agree. And then I realized that I recognize a whole lot of unidentified breeder pics and scared myself because, I mean, for realz, what normal person does that. They don't. I'm waaaay too obsessed with this breed. I think I need an intervention.