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Antelope Canyon pics for Paige (and anyone else interested)


Staff member
For those who haven't heard of this place, Google images of it because these photos do not do it justice. Spectacular. It's located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona and you need to have a Navajo guide take you through. It's only about 1 mile long. During heavy rains, the river that created this slot canyon is squeezed into this narrow place and continuously changes the way it looks. Obviously, the canyon is closed to tours during heavy rains because any human who entered would come out as hamburger.

Use of flash is not allowed in the canyon, only natural sunlight was used for pics.
the entrance antentry.jpg first section of canyon antentrance.jpg antelope.jpg
the heart of the canyon antheart.jpg this is called "the wolf" antwolf.jpg
the wave antwave.jpg I think they call this one the spine antspine.jpg
a shot of the walls antwalls.jpg last one, a tree washed in during a flood atnttree.jpg


Staff member
Wow - spectacular photos! Thanks for sharing...I NEED to go there one of these days!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Deborah, those pics are incredible! Thanks for sharing the beauty of the I want to go see it myself!