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Any owners who live alone with Savannah?


Savannah Super Cat
Are there any Savannah owners who live alone with just a Savannah and no other pets? If so,how does this arrangement work for you and the Savannah?

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Well, I don't live alone and have always had at least 3 cats. But I can tell you this, you need another playmate for your new addition if possible. Doesn't have to be another SV, rescue another young cat/kitten preferably and you new cat will have a buddy for life. There is so much energy in SV's that the additional cat will save you money. A bored SV can really uh... disturb a home.


Are there any Savannah owners who live alone with just a Savannah and no other pets? If so,how does this arrangement work for you and the Savannah?
At present I am the only human in this household (again--yay! woo hoo! lol).

Duma is pretty laid back and quite independent but I couldn't imagine leaving him home alone all day while I'm at work. Even though sometimes I think he'd rather play with me, he does play with Dante (ragdoll) quite a lot.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I have multiple Savannahs, BUT I actually rehomed one of my adult Savannahs because she really did need to be an only cat! She loves humans, but not other cats nor dogs. We have a number of other cats and a dog... so it was difficult and not happy. We have a friend who lives less than 5 minutes away that has always adored Katie, and so after a lot of tears and discussion we asked him if he would like to have her live with him. After a stunned silence he jumped at it.

Katie is SOOOOO happy, she has her human and her house. We visit regularly and she remembers us... but she is content as an only cat.

Her granddaughter Maddie may be another candidate for this, she does get along with a few cats but prefers humans and I believe would do just fine that way. The issue when you have an only cat and work is, when you get home you HAVE to spend the initial half hour playing and interacting with them....they've been waiting all day, resting up for playtime! But not all kitty personalities do well as only cats...but some do. I'm not sure we can tell when they are kittens so easily.

I've placed two kittens last year in only pet households, BUT with careful discussion and agreement that if they are lonely the new owners are prepared to get a second cat as companion. This is the best case scenario... get the kitten and see how it goes, but be willing and prepared to get a companion if it doesn't work out they can live the solitary life...