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Anyone else been accused of being obnoxious?


Savannah Super Cat
I just finished a negotiation that had me in a hotel room turned office for 3 weeks with 8 other people ( 2 adjoining rooms but still cramped). I had been showing pictures of Nyah I guess to the point of being, well, annoying! On one of our caucuses, the site leader says "quick, lets find something to work on before we have to see more pictures of Becki's cat!" He was laughing, and it was in jest, I hope, but there is the possibility I was being obnoxious. :) how about you? Have you shown pictures/ told stories to the point people started going the other way when they saw you coming? I need another SV person on my staff who appreciates my obsession, apparently!


Animal Communicator
Oh yeah. Actually, right before I brought zeddie home I switched jobs. Shortly after, I found out my new job wasn't going to work out, and ended up going back to my old job (at a vet). I was going in to weigh her, and visit my coworkers. My sister had also recently had a baby. My coworker asked me how the new baby was doing. I immediately assumed she was talking about zeddie and went on and on and on about how amazing she is when she looked at me and said "..I meant your niece". A new coworker was there as well and I made myself look like the craziest cat person...luckily they work with animals and get it :p


Savannah Super Cat
I totally feel the same way, like an overly proud parent! A girl I work with is leaving us, but her and I are known around the office as the "crazy cat ladies" because of all the stories and how much we talk about our cats!
I'm sure some people think that talking about your fur-baby that much may be obnoxious, but they probably haven't experience a cat as awesome and complex as an SV! Their loss in my eyes.