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Anyone got any good photo tips?


Site Supporter
I have 3 cats (kids) F1 Female and 2 F7 males. They get along very well just can't
seem to get all three in the same photo and don't want to have to Photoshop the image.

Mokkun .........Bella .............Tetsu
Mokkun being cute.JPG Bella.jpg Thinker.jpg


Site Supporter
Just a note the First one is Mokkun and that photo is about 2 months old
The one of Bella is from last January. She will be 3 this February
The last one is Tetsu and that is when he was about 6~7 months old
Both him and his brother turned 2 last October.
Tetsu took longer to show his spots but as you can see from Mokkun's
photo how good his spots look and Tetsu looks very close to his.



Staff member
LOL, not an easy trick, even if you have someone helping, unless you can catch them all sleeping together, or dangle a wand to in front of them - maybe they'll all come running together.


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I have one that I am going to try and will post the photos that I get if they come out decent.
It was all I could do tonight to not get run over by Bella when she saw me pick up her food dish.
The boys don't get the same food as she does but I bet I can get some action from all
three with the food dish. 20Lb cat weaving around and pushing on your legs is funny. So
what I will try is set the camera up on a tripod and remote. Have to see what happens.

One very odd note :
I found out last-night that she likes horseradish Strange cat. I looked it up and it's only an irritant.
What happened was I was making some for the ribeye roast I was doing and she wanted to come help
with the prep about the time I was grinding the horseradish and I went to push her away and tell her
that she did not want this. Next thing I know I have cat face in my hand rubbing and slobbering
all over me. I washed my hands and she went away till I started working with the horseradish
and back she came. Only thing I can say is very odd cat. She also likes catnip and cat grass


Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Bah! Photographing cats is super easy! For shots like these, it takes some prep: Play with four legged photo subjects with wand toys or laser pointer until fatigue and exhaustion set in (for both you and your cats; but mostly you), then feed cats/kittens heavily; all they can eat. Don't skimp. Wait patiently until they pass out, preferably in one location, like the couch. Pour self stiff alcoholic drink. Turn phone and TV off. Send skeptical, can't-be-bribed-to-help, human better half off to another room and close the door. Quietly clear a table or other desired platform. Grab camera with fully charged battery, set to desired setting. Tuck said wand toy inside shirt or clench in your teeth. A new, rattly, noisy wand toy they haven't seen before is even better. Replenish drink. Moving with stealth and efficiency, gently grasp groggy, overfed, play-exhausted cats/kittens one by one and place on platform or table in a row facing you. When all are sleepily assembled and before they waken, pull wand toy out from between your boobs or teeth, and flick it urgently back and forth in front of dazed cats/kittens. Position self so camera is at cat chest level. Ignore your groaning knees and back. Re-activate camera and start clicking. Don't stop. Keep flicking wand toy, fast and furious. Gently bop the lazy ones with half-closed eyes if absolutely necessary. Snap, snap, snap with your camera. Keep snapping. Pray the camera battery holds out, and your knees. Pick up now wide awake and very alert cats/kittens who jump to floor, and plop them back on table/platform while avoiding vulgar cursing out loud. Snap, snap, snap. Sigh deeply or curse again when it is obvious the cats/kittens are onto your scheme, clearly over the photo op and are now very hungry. Again. If you are really, really lucky, out of say, 239 pics, you will get two or three pics that are....barely acceptable. I am not kidding. This is a good goal to achieve when photographing cats. Fix self new, double-shot drink; you deserve it. Golden Rule #1: Photoshop or other apps are your best friend....remember this above all. I use Irfanview. Crop out the dusty ceiling and dirty dishes from your pics. Finish drink. Share cute kitten/cat pics on forum and FB. Vow to hire professional photographer when you can afford it or win the lottery :)



Site Supporter
Happened to be in the right place at the right time tonight and got a few most need some
work but this one is not too bad
I am getting the battery charged and will try for some fun in the next day.
Got one posting question for you all : Do you use YouTube for videos or some thing else?
It might be fun to have the camera running while I try to take photos.

Sean :up: