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Anyone have experience with stomatitis?


African Veldt

Hello all,

Last week I noted that the face of one of my girls looked a little asymmetrical. I wondered if my eyes were playing tricks on me and it was just her fur. With our warm weather lately all the outside cats have been shedding quite a bit. I touched her face and didn't feel anything abnormal. The next day I looked at her face again and it did not appear asymmetrical. The following day it definitely looked swollen and when I touched it I felt a lump near her jaw. She also looked a little depressed and it did not appear that she had eaten so I called the vet for an appointment.

To make the story shorter, the vet put her under to do an exam and decided to do a biopsy. She is a young cat just over a year old but he said the inside of her mouth, the gums and the cheek tissue looked infected. She did not have a tooth issue and it did not appear to be an injury from another cat. It was possible that she had chewed on something and injured herself but there is really nothing I could find that she could have injured herself on. He put her on an anti-inflammatory and antibiotics.

Today we went for the results of the biopsy and a checkup. The results were that she had stomatitis and the vet wants her to continue on the anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. Has anyone gone through this with a cat? She is feeling better and is eating canned food but I also worry about the long term effects of anti-inflammatories.

Thanks for any input,

African Veldt Savannahs
My 14 year old had a biopsy come back as stomatitis, but she had oral cancer as well and we put her to sleep this year. There is a stomatitis group on Yahoo you may want to check out.

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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Good advice, Trish, there is a Yahoogroup for EVERYTHING! LOL! And always full of folk experienced with the condition with good advice. I did the same earlier this year when I had a kitten with megacolon and it was fabulous...
Yeah, this group is really informative too, B- they helped me understand the issues with CB when even my vet didn't have as much information as they had. Collectively, pet fanciers can be pretty fantastic with their knowledge of a specific subject that effects them!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
And sometimes they figure out what works before the vets do... with Babbage's megacolon I learned from the Yahoogroup that Miralax was way more effective than Lactulose yet most vets are prescribing the lactulose. Changing to that made all the difference, yet the specialist was talking surgery for him! He mentioned Miralax but didn't seem to think it would work any better....yet the overwhelming experience of those on the Yahoogroup was that it DID. So saying that, the pet owners are not veterinarians so one still listens to one's vet....but me giving them the feedback of thousands of owners with megacolon kitties interested them greatly :)