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Anyone using Swheat Scoop brand litter?


Savannah Adult
I used to use this Swheat Scoop brand of litter, but it switched off it a while back. I have four 40-lb Multi-Cat Litter Frequent Buyer Coupons that I don't need anymore... Figure someone on here may be collecting them for a free bag. You need 12 for the freebie, and they really do make good on this.
If you want the four coupons I have, let me know and I'll drop them in the mail to you.

I think you'll need to send me a personal message somehow. Anyway, first person who contacts me gets em!

Okay then,


Did you give them away yet? Not sure how to contact you but I use Sweat scoop here.


Savannah Super Cat
I use the Blue natural walnut litter.....I found the Swheat litter sticks to the bottom of the litter box.


Site Supporter
The company discontinued the free bag for frequent buyer promotion.

River Ridge
West Virginia