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Appa, with FIP


Savannah Super Cat
I'm starting a new thread, now that we actually know what we are dealing with. You can find the original here:

Appa's fluids were tested, and came back positive for FIP. While this is not 100%, it still does not look good for our little girl.

Right now the vet has her on prednisolone, given 1/2 tablet once a day for 15 days, then give 1/2 tablet everyother until gone. (which I will add from my research does NOT help with FIP, and only treats the symptoms.) "Hi Vite" 1/2 cc by mouth twice daily. Which is a vitamine. "Clavamox Drops" give 1/2 cc by mouth twice daily until gone.

We are going to be looking for a new vet soon, since I deeply and truly feel that the vet she has been taken too does not care about her. (For those who didn't know, I am currently at a job in Europe, my Fiancee has been caring for Appa and she does not have as much experience with vets)

The breeder and I have worked out our differences. We really had to sit down and apologize for things we both said in the beginning when we were all upset at finding out she was sick. If the worst does happen (and we have not given up yet) she will help us get another kitten. We both agree that it was a terrible combination of genetics and a bad, bad vet which caused this.

Thank you all for this love and support. I'll try to keep this post updated as we go along.
I am incredibly sorry for your diagnosis- particularly with you not being home to help with the situation. I am sure it just makes things tenfold more difficult :(


Staff member
Thanks for starting a new thread! I am so sorry - please be sure to have your fiancé keep an eye on Appa, as you do not want her to be in any pain or suffer :(

I still do not think the vaccine had anything to do with it...


Savannah Super Cat
Update on Appa.

Her symptoms continue to improve slowly. She is eating/drinking normally and is far more alert. She still isn't to active although she is becoming very insistent about getting into whatever my Fiancee is eating/drinking. Because my fiancee spends every moment holding Appa, it makes it a little bit difficult for my fiancee. On Sunday Appa picked up one of her toys and shook it a bit before dropping it and coming back to my fiancee. This is the first time she has shown any interest in her toys since this all began.

We have found another vet, one that only treats cats. He does not have experience with Savannahs, but unlike the other vet he seems willing to learn. My fiancee is making an appointment with them today.

Its really hard to not get our hopes up. But so many people have said that Appa's symptoms don't sound like normal FIP and she keeps getting a little bit better every day.


We both agree that it was a terrible combination of genetics and a bad, bad vet which caused this.

Poor little girl :(

Can you explain what you mean by this? I thought FIP was caused by Coronoavirus and that getting FIP from Coronavirus is somewhat random, not genetically defined? And what did the vet do? or are you still thinking it has something to do with vaccinations?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
FIP is caused by a mutated version of Coronavirus, but research shows that the immune system of the cat can be key to development of the disease the cats that fall ill may have some defect to their immune system. That is the genetic portion of this. So sometimes a cattery will have a litter where kittens get FIP and it might not just be exposure to the virus (as we know that most cats are exposed to Coronavirus and don't get ill) or a "hot" virus (as the FIP form is not shed in feces) but that there was a bad genetic combination and the kittens have some as-yet-undefined fault that made them more susceptible.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Its really hard to not get our hopes up. But so many people have said that Appa's symptoms don't sound like normal FIP and she keeps getting a little bit better every day.

I think that a lot of the time FIP does not present as "normal", most commonly though it is the dry (non-effusive) form that presents unusually.... but your Appa has fluid in her belly that they could detect the virus in via PCR, correct? I'm not sure there's any alternate diagnosis from that point?

It truly is a hard diagnosis to accept I know, I've been there. My Aziza died three years ago from dry FIP and I exhausted all options trying to find alternative diagnoses. Eventually the specialists were able to say there were no other options and it was clear to me that Z was ready to go. Necropsy confirmed it after the fact, I lived in guilt for those weeks wondering if I'd missed something.

I feel very sorry for you being away from home (my husband was on a business trip when Z fell ill too), and for your fiancee having to deal with this on her own... be aware that cats hide their pain, and that the reason they call this the "purring disease" is that kittens purr when in pain as well as when happy...your fiancee can look into Appa's eyes and know if Appa wishes to keep fighting and if so, do pursue the new vet. Being Savannah-savvy is not important, knowing what options you have with this disease is way more important!