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Aquarium/ lightning and Abbass


Savannah Super Cat

I bough à new tank and put my lightning on the roof.

Abbas this morning try to jump on it.

What i need to do if i dont want it anymore when I'm not home.

Here à pic


Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Does the aquarium have a cover or lid?

I foresee Abbass jumping into the aquarium when you are gone.

I can also see him jumping onto the lighting fixture....can you close the door to this room when you are gone? The hanging cord could present a problem, too.

I'd also worry he will jump into the aquarium before it is filled and knock it over :(

There are forum members with both cats and aquariums. Hopefully a few of them can help you out!


Savannah Super Cat
No, it is the master piece of the appartment.

No lid on, maybe i can change the room ?

Or buy something like this ?


Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Yes, a different room that can be closed off would be best, if you are not going to have a lid on it. You may want to rethink that option, however. I can almost guarantee Abbass will try fishing if there is no lid or cover...and depending on the type of fish you choose, they may jump out without a cover or lid.

A floor-to-ceiling screen or doors that can be closed and locked would work, too!


Savannah Super Cat
I bought two things like this, it lengh is 52" long by 70" high. The lamp is around 61" high, so the parevent clear out.

Abbas is affraid about the water, i already try to put him in the bath....the worse thing to do lol.

If he dont see the tank and lightning, he will not try to jump on it. When we are at the house, he is with us.


Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
This may work. You might have to create a cover over the top. Are you planning to attach it to the wall?

Be aware Abbas may just try to climb this enclosure....if the white areas are paper, he might rip that, too....all you can do is try :)


Site Supporter
Welcome to my world.
We have a 205G rimless ELOS reef tank in our living room.
The light fixture over our tank is mounted VERY securely, and we have a cover but not a canopy. It is actually made of mesh. I'll have Michael take a photo and post it here.
The cover deters Diablo and Jarvis. Mickey likes to get on top of the rim though, and he has been known to go fishing successfully. When he got a rhomboid I almost cried.
How large is your new tank?
I have found that the cats interest in the tank ebbs and flows, depending on what else in their enviroment is interesting. During the summer they are least interested in the tank.


Savannah Super Cat
My new tank is ADA tank (if you know the mark). I dont know if it possible to put a cover on it, i need some place to pour the équipement. The size is 30"x18"x18".

I have à tank with à top in the kitchen, Abbas do nothing.

But this tank is différent, more attractive? I only want shrimp and plant in.

The light will open when i will at home, i want only secure the zone.