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Are 2 Savannah’s better than 1



Good evening everyone.

My wife called me at work yesterday with a little news.
She said called the breeder we got our F3, Nova from.
My wife inquired if she had any of the litter of kittens that Nova came from.
Apparently the breeder does.
One of Nova’s brothers, who is has been named “Mr Magoo.” :)

My wife told me she called her with the intention of buying another F3 as a Christmas present for me and Nova.
However my wife said the breeder fell in love with Mr Magoo and decided to keep him for future breeding.

I thought my wife was crazy.
Nova is a handful. I couldn’t imagine having 2 Savannah’s like him.
But then I got to thinking, maybe having a second one would be beneficial.
Nova is alone for about 6 hours a day.
I’m sure he gets bored during that time.
He tries to play with our two other DSH Cats. They are both older and do not like playing how Nova does.

So I’m asking those of you who have 2 Savannah’s, is having two cats with the same extreme activity level and drive beneficial?
Do they tend to keep each other company,
Or is it double the trouble?

When I say trouble I mean pictures coming off the walls, curtains coming down, counter tops cleared, pee pee paw prints all over everything, late night playing, getting pounded on continuously while trying to sleep...


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Staff member
I always prefer at least two to tire each other out. But yes you may have double the mess, especially things like pee pee paw prints that are simply litter box related. And twice as much poop and pee to clean. Double the fur, etc.

As a Side note - 100% of F3 Male Savannah’s are STERILE, so can’t be kept for breeding??

John Popp

Site Supporter
LOL, this is a great group to rationalize your mental frailties with.

It was pretty clear early on with our first SV that he needed a running mate. He was more than a bit off the hook, and I was taking the brunt of it and had the fortune/misfortune of being treated as a sibling.

At about 6 months of age, he fractured his hip and after surgery was crated for 8 weeks. I spent every minute I was home within arm's length of his crate, sleeping on the floor and reading aloud to him with my head inside the crate door. It was all the right move, and well before the end of his recovery, I knew he needed a full-time companion. They were incredible together and having run this route a second time now, the only regret I have is not putting a full year between them.


Staff member
I have 4 SVs so quadruple the trouble and I would have 8 if I had the room and any sanity left. Get the 2nd SV and be sure to talk to the breeder about Nova's personality to ensure she picks a kitten who has a good chance of being a compatible personality to Nova. And be sure to do a proper introduction of the new one into the pride.


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Nova would probably love having a pal with his energy level to run around and get into stuff with. Doesn’t have to be another SV - Maine Coons are a good match, as are Ragdolls, Siamese, Abyssinian - off the top of my head.

I have three, and am planning on more when we have a house that will accommodate.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
If your other two cats are older, then yes a second Savannah can make sense. The only caveat is that every cat has the potential to upset the balance of the household dramatically, and I see this coming into play more as you get more cats in a household. So my advice is not just to consider your one Savannah but how this might impact the two other kitty personalities too... and I say this because if you aren't liking the Savannahdalism you certainly won't like upset older kitties telling you in one of the only ways they know how, inappropriate elimination!

John Popp

Site Supporter
The only caveat is that every cat has the potential to upset the balance of the household dramatically, and I see this coming into play more as you get more cats in a household.
When the number of inmates is greater than the number of wait staff the potential for issues always increases. It goes from them living in your home to you living in theirs.

Just the same, a high energy cat that matches or exceeds the energy of Nova will be a welcome addition to scrub some of the energy off, although the turmoil two SVs can dream up can be pretty ominous. The times I've laughed over the carnage far outnumbers the times I've been upset, so I'm not sure I would change anything.

As Rebecca mentioned, it certainly doesn't need to be an SV and an Abby is certainly the jester of the cat world that may fit better with the elderly cats.


Site Supporter
I have less experience with cats than anyone here, but just wanted to emphasize how important it can be for the personalities to be a good match. My 2 and a 1/4 year old F7 SBT is super sensitive, very well behaved, considerate, very intelligent, shy to the point of being totally paranoid and does everything he can to avoid any potential conflict. He has a personality across between Eeyore and Ghandi. But he often seemed bored, and was trying to play with me in ways I couldn’t do (like inviting me to chase him through enclosed tunnel walkways) . So after nearly a year together I got him a buddy who is an F6. The F6 is very confident, and grew up in a litter with a Serval kitten, so I was reassured he could hold his own with my older cat. I think my F6 has a lot more typical of a Savannah personality... he is confident, assertive, rambunctious, mischievous and has been slow to pick up on signals of disapproval, from both me and my older SV. He is also very sweet, innocent, charming, affectionate, wants to be the centre of attention, and assumes everything nice is for him. He is like a big friendly drunk biker dude at a bar. ( he is the kitten who seemed to really want to come home with me) At first my older cat was overjoyed to have a friend. He even repeatedly dropped his most favourite cat treat in front of him, and obviously loved giving the younger kitten a tour of all his favourite places. They played together for hours every day, and I felt really guilty that my first cat had been without a playmate for so long. But the combination of one cat who is bursting with rambunctious confidence and the the other being super sensitive who avoids of any possible conflict, and always stands aside and lets the more confident cat have whatever he wants, is not the best... I may start another thread to ask about helping keep the harmony when there is interpersonal dynamics between cats with really different personalities. My 2 still play a bit every day, and sometimes nap together. They don't really fight, but the younger cat tends to feel free to butt in and take whatever my older cats is enjoying, and my older cat is giving the younger cat who is now bigger than him the stink eye/ running away /hissing in his face, more than seems optimal. In retrospect I think another super sensitive shy cat would have been a better buddy for him, though for the most part, we are finding ways to make it work......