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Are 2 Savannah’s better than 1


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I agree,
I'm a true believer to give Alot to a couple rather than a Little too many

fortunately my guys require my attention at different times and different places of the house during the day and night.

Play time is all out Anything goes.. When they want!
If they don't want to play a cold shoulder you will get.

So it's like a few hours all together instead of a set time ones. Plus multiple people at different times as well i think these guys are always playing and never sleep..

Multiple people help.
When I take them outside sometime i take both other times my wife takes one and i take the other Sometime one doesn't want to go out.. Who ever sits by the door when there harness come out

Now that's the savannahs only.
My other one doesn't want to go any wares near a open door let alone go outside
They don't like to play with the same things either.
They want there time with u in places that others don't

Everyone craves attention differently too.

One when you're sitting on the porcelain bowl

One when you're watching TV.
One when you're in bed one when you're in the shower or brushing your teeth
Etc.. Funny at these times /places only one of them but the same one every time..

Sorry for the ramble

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fortunately my guys require my attention at different times and different places of the house during the day and night.
My crew has worked out their own schedule, as well, haha! It went a bit haywire when Zazu came home last year, but they’ve got a good groove going now.

Of course, it’s the perfect time for the universe to throw another cat at me! A rescue kitten came into the store who looks EXACTLY LIKE this tiny Siamese we had when I was a kid, except with a classic tabby coat. Perfectly symmetrical marble. Great spunky, sweet personality - started making biscuits on my lap in under two minutes, I couldn’t resist. Now a 16-paw household... I’ll posts pics of the little dynamo (was up on the bedroom curtain rod the first night he was home) when we are firm on his name. ;)


Savannah Super Cat
I also notice my 2 are starting to have individual routine special times they want to be with me, that don’t overlap. And if I have to be away for a few hours, they seem much more “together” when I come back. As if they really appreciated the feline company when they both felt their human abandoned them.

And congratulations on the new kitten Rebecca! Love 2:paw::paw::paw::paw::paw::paw::paw::paw::paw::paw::paw::paw::paw::paw::paw::paw:
This little guy is harder to photograph than the SVs! He is TINY, I’m so excited to have a half-pint kitty again - Zazu was easily three times his size at the same age.

Anyway, meet Tako! He looks to me like at least one parent was Oriental - what do you all think?

This was taken on his first night home.

His swirl is the same on both sides!

Bit blurry, but best shot of his face shape. His nose has a bit of pink in the middle, hoping it stays mostly black...