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Are these guys real or scam?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
They have a flashy website and a lot of cats, it is a true commercial enterprise. This means that they are business like and care for their reputation so generally speaking make good on the guarantees that they give. They almost always have kittens available so good for that immediate gratification thing while if you carefully selected a smaller scale breeder that raises kittens in their home with great care you might have to wait for a suitable litter to be born. So it depends on what your needs/wants are.

I'm personally not enamored of their "look" as I believe that they used way too much Bengal outcrossing when developing their lines and although that has dropped off their pedigrees the cats still look too Bengal for my taste. But by running a business they do pay attention to health and those are pluses! They always take back their cats when Savannah Rescue contacts them, and that is a plus in my book also, responsible breeders take care of their cats their entire lifetimes not just until they sell them.