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At the Vet on Thursday


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We had a trip to the vet this week and Mokkun being part chicken (You are what you eat)
Tetsu was brave and he had the most done. UA came back looking good, We are still waiting
on the urine culture to come back but Dr Dill said it looked clear under the scope.

Here are a set of photos with the boys.

1.jpg 3.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

Mokkun is trying so very hard to hide under Tetsu.



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I wished I know who is the first born. There were only
him and his brother in that litter.



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Oh I dunno Sean, that looks like a big 'ol ham butt to me not a diminutive chicken:big grin: My guys make the scary people at the vet disappear but shoving their heads in the arm pit of either the vet tech or the vet. Looks like something from a horror film "Dr. X and the Headless Cat."


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Dr Dill telles me every time I have some of the best behaved Savannahs
he sees. I think he keeps getting the wild bunch.

I have also gotten the arm pit hiding with Mokkun anytime we go
when it just him. He does not like being held for very long but
when it comes to new people/places he is a big chicken.