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Atlas pics


Savannah Super Cat
Hey all, been a while since i shared some pics of Atlas. he is a growing boy and is tipping the scales at 7.8 lbs (18 weeks) and continues to get bigger. He is jumping pretty high for just over 4 months already, and i continue to work on that aspect with him (with neko flies wand toys.)

onto the pics :)

big boy all stretched out

he has a habit of keeping his tongue out

playing with his roommate Sophie



Staff member
Wow...those are some awesome photos! Thanks for sharing...just be careful in the car...when one of my kittens was 4 months old, I was in a serious car accident - he was in a hard carrier on the seat where Atlas is. Had he not been in a hard carrier, he would have been killed...


Lol what a beautiful boy! Love this pictures! :) what a goof, always with the tongue out!