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Attack kitty!


Savannah Super Cat
Out of AAAALLLL the toys Kovu has, and aaaaaall the money that has been spent on toys for him, his most favorite toy has been his red cube that I got on clearance at Walgreen's for $1.59. lol He likes to hide in it & attack us. Its light weight so he can move it around. He likes setting it right at the top of the stairs (which is right outside my office and very close to the bedroom door) & attack us when we walk by. lol
Its odd, he has a soft house that he NEVER goes into, but he could probably spend all day in his cube, only to come out to use the litter box & eat!


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Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Ha ha!
Rule #1: The cheapest toy will be your cat's favorite one. Anything under $5 is a guaranteed hit.
Rule #2: if you paid a lot of money for the toy, your cat will ignore it, and spend hours playing with the package it came in. If you are lucky, the new expensive toy will not be peed on. If you can, return it; if not (because the packaging is destroyed)--put it away and sell it at your garage sale for a small fraction of what you paid for it.
Rule #3: See Rule #1.

One of the best toys I ever got was a child's huge nylon play tunnel in bright gawdy colors for $5; it is now full of holes and tattered but is still the favorite around here. The much more expensive furry leopard print cat tunnel is gathering dust....;)