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Attempts at the Serval Pounce!


Savannah Super Cat
Titus did his very best to Serval pounce that little toy into submission! He was seriously hyped up and ran around like this for like 30 minutes! Do many of your kitties do the little serval pounce?? Post some videos! It's so adorable!



and his servant, Paul
Aww how cute...oh, and I love your ingenious idea at a litter box. Less litter scattering!

I know a DSH that got the name Pouncer for doing stuff like this.


Staff member
That is adorable! I have a video of Zuri doing that with her "mice" on the forum...


Savannah Super Cat
SO cute! What happened to his tail?
He was actually bred with hopes he would have a little bobcat tail :) not very standard, but i love him!

I think its so cute the way they pounce like that! Paige i will have to check out that video of Zuri!


The video I posted of Vienna (in my introduction thread) shows her doing that, too. It's so adorable! At one point, she goes crazy with her bouncing/Serval pouncing! Can't wait to bring her home!