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Atticus,Dino, Una bro!!


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hey everyone... Well we picked up our boy yesterday at 5! He is also the brother of Atticus, Dino, and Una!
As predicted he was out of the crate in 3 seconds scoping everything out! I probably don't need to say much more lol I know everyone wants pictures! Hahah taking pictures is nearly impossible as you know so I have probably taken 10 videos to every 1 picture.


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Trish Allearz

He's beautiful! I hope you get lots of headbutts and purrs and crazy happy kitten feet in the next few days to come!

We bring Una home tomorrow night. Cannot wait :D


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He is gorgeous! So glad he is acclimating so well, so soon! Sue's kittens are sooo friendly and loving! Lucky you!!!


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He is gorgeous!! I'm so happy for you and very much looking forward to watching the Chad&Jess version of the Savannah Games.