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Savannah Super Cat
It has been awhile since we have checked in, and a lot has happened since then. Ayanai and I are happily living in Maine with my fiancé and his/our two boys. She is as active as ever, and happy with her new life. She even explores the snow on our walks. Each morning she greets her sister Lyra (2 yr old English springers spaniel), romps with her brother Whysker (8 yr old common short hair cat). She then spends the rest of the day lounging and terrorizing the household until we play with her.
She is so energetic that we are determined to get her another savannah for company some time in the future. She is an F3 and we were thinking that an F2 or F1 would be a nice playmate who can match her energy levels. So as the time draws near to look for our new furbaby I may be turning to you all for advice. I have found such a wealth of information in these forums and from you guys as well. We understand each kitten is unique and different in temperament, size, markings and such...and that it can be more so between generations. Still can't wait to pick up a new furbaby!


Staff member
Great to hear how well you are all doing! Good luck in your search for a new furbaby - looking for that perfect fit is half the fun! :)