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Azidi, Kilifi, Regulus and Cary.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I have not been on here much in the past year. But I thought that Maybe I should update what is going on with my babies.
1. Azidi has become a little love bug. She still will not interact with the other two, but when I go into her room, she will hop up on the bed and sit beside me while I pet her. She will also talk up a storm. When I walk in and say "hello" she will respond with "Wewo" I am still learning her language, but she has a vocabulary of about 40 different "words". She still will not let me pick her up, but she IS allowing me more and more physical touching. She still is a little girl at about 9 lbs.
2. Kilifi is my little beauty. She is 10 lbs and is very active. She has developed asthma, and is on medication for it. Kiki has little bouts of it when Regulus attacks her. Well, not attack...but chases. She is a mental giant. If I am late feeding them, I will suddenly find myself on the receiving end of a stare from her that I seem to know says " Little late with food, aren't you Dad?" And she is a flirt. She will lay on the floor at my feet on her back and give me slow blinks and she will reach out with her front paws like she is wanting a hug. BUT, dad better not try. she will nip at him.
3. Regulus. Now he is my trouble maker. Regie likes to chase Kiki, and will run like a crazy cat around the house. He is a 16 1/2 lb bundle of love though. He spends about 2 - 3 hours a day ( not consecutively ) on my lap demanding I pet him and let him wash my arms. There have been times when his sandpaper tongue has washed me raw. it is an ongoing battle to keep him from drinking my coffee. who woulda thought a cat would like black coffee? BUT since caffeine is not a good thing for cats, I must keep him from the coffee. Even so, he is my shadow. If I get up to do ANYTHING, he is on my heels following me to wherever I am going. He loves to open the cabinet doors and go inside to hide. He has given me a number of times when I thought he had escaped. He is always good for some worry
Here are some current pictures of the kids.
. Azidi001.jpg

All in all, my kids are in good shape and are definitely keeping me active.


Staff member
Sadly, Regie's mom was just diagnosed with mammary cancer. Since she is 15 yrs old we are opting for conservative therapy and palliative care :(


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Thanks, I know it's silly but I just assumed she'd always be here, hard to let go and say goodbye...
I am so very sorry to hear this. I do know she had a great life with you Patti. I am going to opt to not tell Regulus. Also, sorry I did not post earlier, but I just saw the posts.
To maybe offset a bit of the sadness, I am going to share a picture of Kilifi being a cutie. She sleeps so sweetly.
kilifi sleeping .jpg


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Thanks Cary, and thanks so much for taking such good care of her baby, as well as those other silly Savannahs...
Taking care of her baby boy is really not any problem at all. He is a loving and spoiled boy. He spends upwards to 4 hours a day on my lap. My arms are raw from his incessant washing. Kilifi often fusses at him for hogging my lap. But he is a good boy and a very alert watch cat, although he is quite the scardie cat. Love 2 and Merry Christmas Patti.

A recent of Regie.
Regie 02a.jpg