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Babies love toes!

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Our F5/SBT kittens love to lick and chew on my husbands and boys toes? Whats up with that. They will smell my feet but not so interested. I don't mind tho because I don't get bit by needle baby teeth... :)
I had the same problem, though for different reasons.

Both Zeus and Abu would attack my toes but left the kids' toes alone.

After I fell asleep on the couch one day (what else is watching nascar good for except an excuse to take a nap) my daughter provided the answer. When I sleep I guess I wiggle my toes a lot (idk ... I'm asleep) anyways I guess this proved too much temptation for the boys, and they had to attack. My only guess as for why they did when I was awake is they were getting extra in for good measure?

All I can say is thank goodness they have both stopped, being woken by having your toes chomped on isn't fun !!