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Baby in hand..

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
All babies have long thin needle claws at this age, they don't retract properly until they are a bit older :)

She's going to be one of those dramatic dark-nosed babies. If what we think about the genetics of black noses is correct, all the babies will be black-nosed as both parents are... what I am interested to see is if her warm-toned sister keeps her black can see her little face poking out from the kitten pile here...


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She is cute as well. If I remember right, I think Abu started out with a black nose, but recently it lightened up to be a red color in the middle ... seems odd but maybe is just black around edges and because so small that is all you see, but when grow larger can see the lighter color in middle??

Trish Allearz

Yeah, Abu's nose looked black-black for a long time and just within the last two weeks, I noticed the red star in the middle start to blossom. I would have sworn he would keep his black nose! Of course, the other F2s with black noses have kept theirs. That's okay- he's more typey then any of my other babies :)