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Baby Steps:)


Aniyah's mommy
Well I finally got my F2 baby girl, Aniyah, friday! After flying for 7 hours and driving for another 5 hours, we made it home.

I never quite understood exactly WHY there is a required two week quarantine. I get it now! Poor baby was terrified for the first 12 hours. She chirped/meowed ALL night, retreated to her crate and hid, purred when I talked to her.

I have three children, a husband and two miniature schanuzers. And trying to get them to all leave her alone has been quite the chore! The dogs are locked out of her but protesting it for sure. They are all finally understanding to stay out of here until she comes around on her own. She's ditched the crate and has discovered that she fits underneath my side of the bed and no one can see her:) She just chirps away under there...almost like she's asking "Mom? Are you there?????" She has also discovered how fun a bed skirt can be, dive bombing it from underneath the bed...

She's cracking me up because she just came out sat next to me, not too close but probably a couple of feet away, meowed at me then went right back under the bed. We are definitely making progress daily! That's why I say "Baby Steps";) It's so cute how she's trying so hard to gain her confidence and then decides "What in the heck am I doing out here?!"

I'm just hanging out in the floor of my bedroom playing peek-a-boo til she decides to love me:) Life is great!!!


Staff member
Jeni, sounds like everything is going as it should and you are doing all it takes to make sure your baby is able to do things on her might try playing with a wand toy with her...I'm sure she would love that.

great job!


Aniyah's mommy
What's funny is I had the wand toy laying beside me and she kept coming out to look at it and then attacked it ferociously;) I think she just now found her confidence...She's purring, rubbing her head on me, climbing on me, trying to type a new thread on the forum (laptop is in the floor), AND she really wants my coffee and actually responds to the word "no". SHE LOVES ME! YAYYYYYYYYYY! Now that she's out and about, perhaps I can get pictures??? I think my friends and family doubt that I even got her because I won't let anyone come see her and I have no pics, hee hee. She's gone from hiding to being a lunatic within 15 minutes:roflmao:

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member

I think it can be like that, they will be scared but just suddenly seem to get over it... they need the time to hide and process all the changes and not be pushed... giving her the quiet time and just being patient was PERFECT!


Aniyah's mommy
Thanks all :) We are only on day 4 of Aniyah's quarantine and she just headbutted my 2 1/2 year old daughter and rubbed up against her to tell her hello. I was a bit concerned that by Sophie (my daughter) coming into the quarantine room with me so often that it would keep Aniyah hiding for longer or scared of kids (because Sophie is LOUD!) Evidently, it didn't phase her too terribly much. Seems like she is bonding with Sophie too :big grin: She definitely saught refuge in MY lap though, which makes me feel like a true Savannah mommy. So glad to see her let our little one pet her though! Woohoo!


Aniyah's mommy
And let me just say a public thank you to our breeder, Patty of Ceyera Exotics. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty in raising our little bundle of joy. She did an absolutely INCREDIBLE job of socializing and raising Aniyah thus far. The picture I have as my Avatar at the moment, truly depicts Miss Aniyah's outstanding personality. Sassy AND Sweet;) Patty has been such a doll and so patient with me and all of my daily questions. Just thought if you were reading this thread and wondered where I got such an awesome F2 girl, Patty should receive all the praise!!!


Staff member
I love your avatar pic. I think it embodies the quintessential cattitude we're always talking about. Part angel, part devil, lovable beyond words. Is she growing into her ears? LOL.


Breeding Savannahs for the Home
Jeni, I finally found you!! Thanks so much for all your kind words, they really mean so much to me! Like I told you, I really hated to see her go but I know that she went to a fantastic home :)
Deborah, my vet asked me if she would grow into her ears and I said "I sure hope not!" lol