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Bad, Bad Kitty

Trish Allearz

This is a story posted by one of my Savannah owners... This WASN'T my kitten she's talking about- but an F2 that she fell in love with :)

"Kitty had a near death experience today! Hubby came home to a hysterical teenage daughter chasing Kitty down the hall, hell bent on cat murder. Tears streming down her face as she explained that Kitty had eaten holes in the new dress she got for her first formal dance tomorrow night!

After calling the store she got the dress from, Hubby tracked down ONE identical dress two hours away... Tomorrow, Hubby and Daughter will make the four hour round trip to get it and then get back for her dance tomorrow night.

So Kitty gets to live (unless he keels over from the daggers my daughter keeps glaring at him) and Hubby earned Daddy of the Year award!"

See? So when your cat shreds your toilet paper- it could always be worse!


Site Supporter
OMG I can so imagine that! Matojo is obsessed with eating fabric. I'm trying to figure out how to stop him before he tackles something important like that! Matter of fact, I better go check my sons college grad gown he will be wearing tomorrow ;)

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Good Daddy, Naughty Kitty! Echo hasn't destroyed anything.............yet. Maybe there's an upside to his being fearful.


Savannah Super Cat
Oh god I know that. Got a black floor length formal skirt, never worn. Got it out of the garment bag nordstrom packs them in to find claw pulls all over. :(


Savannah Super Cat
Kovu has only ever destroyed headphones. I caught him in the act of trying to chew the cord for my computer mouse yesterday. He is only allowed in my office when I'm in there & I thought he was sleeping when I felt a tug on the mouse & looked down & he had stopped, mid-bite, staring at me. lol But other than that, he is pretty good about not destroying things. :)