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Batter bunny for kittens


Site Supporter
When we first brought Rafiki home, she would go into a running/biting/hyper mode at 10 or 11 pm every night. The solution was "batter bunny", one of 4 large stuffed toys by Doskocil and available at Drs. Foster and Smith.The toys are 12" long and made of poly terry and plush and contain catnip. Whenever she started going crazy and bitey, we would toss the bunny at her and she would wrestle, roll, kick and bite it. Our body parts were safe! We soon learned to bring it to bed with us for late night attacks. She has now outgrown it and her urge to bitey-the-humans but other than a few pulled threads, this toy survived.


Staff member
That's a great tip, although I'm a bit concerned about how well a stuffed toy can stand up to a Savannah. Would love to see pics of her playing with it.


Site Supporter
I don't think that the batter toys would hold up to full grown Savannah cat but for kittens - especially in the bitey stage - they work great! Believe me, I have had to perform surgery on most of her little stuffed mice and such...usually within the first few days...but the batter toys have survived. Rafiki still occasionally plays with it. I will see if I can get a picture of her with it.