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Bayshore Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Moniello, in Holmdel, NJ

Should this vet be fired?

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Staff member
Dr. Moniello, a vet at Bayshore Veterinary Hospital, killed Lucien, a beautiful savannah boy, who had been surrendered to this vet by his owner (that is another story entirely) because he became very scared and bit her.

This poor savannah boy that was surrendered to said vet clinic by his owner, Susan Dupuis, who yes, failed him, since she was given many options, euthanized this sweet boy, who lived with two children... this owner made her children choose which cats to sent off poor Lucien to a vet she never met, who euthanized him and now his Bengal brother is going from a home with two children to Wildcat Sanctuary...makes me sick...

Also, according to an employee at this hospital, they were practicing sedation techniques on Lucien, when he became scared at dogs barking and all the noise and bit the vet...see,s that his destination was also Wildcat Sanctuary...

lucien.jpg lucien-2.jpg


Staff member
Her license to practice should be revoked. You can bet that there will be many of her clients who will advocate for her and claim she is compassionate toward and respectful of animals. This may be the first time she did something such as but it is too egregious of a misstep to forgive. It appears she discriminated against this cat because it was a Savannah.


Site Supporter
This is crazy !!! Both the owner AND the vet should be banned - the owner from owning pets and the vet should be banned from treating all pets.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I think the vet AND the former owner should both be charged with cruelty to animals. Actually I think they both should be euthanized, but that would not be politically correct.


Site Supporter
I'm not going to lie, both jarvis and diablo MY CERTIFIED THERAPY PET have bitten our vet. Jarvis has bitten him 2x- 1x when he was a little kitten, and the second time when he was taken in by Michael and me to b eneutered. Diablo bit the vet on Jamrvis 2d visit, Jarvis got a shot, and screamed, and diablo attacked Dr. Stockett.

This is heart wrenching. We are a 20 min drive from Holmdel. Had we known he needed a home, we would have driven up in a heartbeat. It would not have been a thought. We would have picked him up, paid any applicable bill, and brought him home.

I just want to cry right now.

Can we do anything for the Bengal? I know $ can't fix everything, but Paige, can we cut the vet a check and go pick him up?


Staff member
Nikki, thank you so much for offering...the Bengal is already on his way to wildcat sanctuary...breaks my heart :(

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It is heartbreaking, and shows a lack of respect to the animal's life to euthanize over such an incident. One wonders why that person became a vet if they could disregard the value of a precious life that way :-(


Animal Communicator
I hate to say it, but unfortunately I have seen first hand how some vets treat animals. It becomes all about the money and the corporation, and people just lose sight of why they became a vet. I have taken in 2 dogs that were going to be needlessly euthanized, in situations very similar to this (minus the biting part :eek:)

And people wonder why I don't trust vets...


Site Supporter
I read a slightly different version of this incident on FB. In that account the owner was losing their home and that was why she turned the cats over to the vet. I just don't understand why she did not contact the breeders to take the cats instead of the vet.

My first Himy did substantial damage to one vet but at least he acknowledged that I had warned him about her not behaving if I wasn't there with her. I cannot imagine how he would have reacted had it been a SV if he was misinformed as that vet obviously was.