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Been away for a week, sick kitties, respiratory colds


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Hey everyone,

Just got back from the vet this morning with antibiotics for Anubis and lysine for the three fur babies.

When bringing the Savannah home, she had a kitty cold from a repressed immune system as a result of shots and immunizations. This eventually made the rounds with both boys, first with Ra.

I started a thread about sneezing shortly after bringing Isis home and as it turns out, that concern was justified. She brought a cold with her.

Ra lost his voice for about 48 hours, I had not noticed because he's usually very silent except to chirp for food or to get my attention. His poor little mouth would open but no sound would come out. He bounced back very quickly without need of treatment.

Shortly after Ra got better, Anubis developed the same symptoms. You know how colds go! Only he was not recovering fast and sent me into a bit of a panic. His voice was completely gone and he started to show symptoms of lethargy even though his appetite was strong as ever and voiding without any problems. He would make this involuntary gag reflex from the swelling in his throat to try and clear it, but nothing was stuck in there due to the infection.

Under examination, his tonsils are swollen visually and by feel. His breathing and all other bodily functions seem normal, no abnormal swelling in places it shouldn't be and his weight is still a "perfect" normal of 13.95lb. He's slowly shedding the extra weight put on by irregular meals of larger quantities than he needed.

I am far less paranoid and driving myself crazy after the visit to the vet. Hopefully in 48 hours I will see a change after the antibiotics, could be as early as 24 hours depending on how well his immune system reacts to fight the cold.



Staff member
Sunny, sounds like you did everything any good kitty parent will do and I'm sorry they were all sick. Hopefully Anubis will get well quickly after the antibiotics kick in.

Sending healing thoughts your way....


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Hearing his meow when stressed out, even for the 3min car ride to the vet, elicited a croak like a frog instead of a meow like a cat. Anubis has a girly voice, which is hilarious considering he's a big boy, but to hear that almost put me to tears. Can't wait for my boy to get better. Go go go go...


Savannah Super Cat
Going through the same thing right now actually. :(

Nero has gotten really quick, the second he sees that dropper, he bolts! Hope your guys are better soon.