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Begging for food


Savannah Teenager
This is my view... I prep dinner...
Shiva's getting better with not crying non-stop for food.. but stares me down and watches like a hawk for any dropped pieces. God help us if we open up a can of tuna or cook roast beef though...


Site Supporter
I know how you feel. I trip over Jarvis constantly when I am in the kitchen-he gets under my feet in his quest to hunt and kill any scraps that hit the floor.


Savannah Teenager
Yes Patti! She makes me think of Puss in Boots daily! Her eyes are always thinking. ..and often she has the large pupils when playing (or begging for scraps)


Site Supporter
Oohhhh! How it would be hard to not give in to that adorable face!
if anything drops kitty has no interest. Hummmm