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Behaving/ adjusting



Hello. I'm new to this forum and new to a 2 year old SBT F7 Savannah ( both parents were an F6) I purchased her off a breeder.
Sorry if this is long.
I had an hour and 20 minute drive home with my new cat.
She was very vocal during the trip. Brough her home, assuming keeping her in my bedroom would be the best so we ( husband and I) are around her during the night. Thought this might help her adjust better.
I had no idea how hard this transition is for her. She hid for the first 2 days, then she would come out, but try to hide again once someone enters the room. the following day, the morning it was great, she was affectionate, played alot, not skiddish, slept, purring as well. We were taking turns playing with her spending time with her. It was a great morning. That afternoon she went the opposite hiding,meowing but affectionate if we walked up to her and pet her??

Next few days it's been up and down, just like above being skiddish, not playing etc.......then it's the opposite, very affectionate and purring.
Yesterday I had to leave for the morning, I played with her hard from 5 am to 7:30 am she was tired, I figured great she will sleep most of the day. Which she did, I checked on her at lunch had a good petting session. She was still curled up sleeping. I left again. My husband came home around 1:30, he had a good pet anf play with her as well. I came home around 2:30, all was good with her affectionate.
We both thought we wanted to have a nap. No problem,she was curled up sleeping in her tree.
We left her for a half hour only to noticed she peed on my bed. No down blankets or covers - I've spent most if my day in the bedroom with her, I'm paranoid that she will pee again on my bed, I just bought this bed too I left after cleaning the bed to wash my hands,throw away the rags etc, came back in she pooped in her litter box and a bit on the floor on the other side of the room......?? I am heading out to get a tarp and hoping that will stop my bed issues with her. I added another litter box as that is what I read might help. I'm pretty anal about the litter box, if she goes it's cleaned shortly after.
I'm super paranoid to leave her, she is still soooo skiddish that I can't introduce her to the rest of the house until she is okay in my room first. I'm lucky to be on holidays now for the next two weeks, I have two days we are away in the morning inbetween those two weeks, what can I do to help her adjust and to feel comfortable? I really don't want to come home to a surprise poop or pee somewhere else in my room.
Is this a habit that will not stop?
I am new to cats and have been reading about Savannah's for a few months, before purchasing one.
This female I do know she had 6 kittens,rejected them and that's why they were selling her. She was also their show cat. We wanted a cat not a kitten,thought the transition with a cat would be easier.

Also she is to be on a bold raw food diet but will not touch it, the breeder gave me kibble, as a just in case, she advised not to keep her on a kibble diet.
I had to try kibble on day 3 of her not eating. She loves it. I have now mix the raw with a bit of kibble to get her to eat it, she ate two bites yesterday. Last night she was crazy wouldn't sleep, yowling,meowing, wouldn't play, just acted like she was crazy, jumping up on everything she could. I gave her a little pinch of kibble she went crazy, poor girl was hungry...........Am I making things worse allowing her to eat kibble? I hear it's not good for them.....?

I'm struggling with the adjusting period,I feel I'm making progress only to take 20 steps back.

Is there any suggestions you might have?
Is this a normal adjustment period for Savannahs to be flipy floppy like this?
I've had her now for 4 days. I know she is still new to us, I'm just trying to understand how I can help her adjust without living in my room with her for the next two weeks? I'm paranoid to allow her to roam the rest of the house when it's time, will I go through the same adjustment,flippy floppy hiding, using anywhere to go to the bathroom?
Thank you for reading,sorry it's a long read.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

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Site Supporter
Hi, welcome. First off, it is harder to acclimate an adult cat to a new home then it is a kitten. For some reason, females are even tougher.
The flip-flopping is normal, as far as my experience goes. We got an f2 girl last year, she came to us at 5mos old, and not fully socialized (thru no fault of her breeder, just circumstance). It’s been about 10 months, and she’s still skittish with periods of wanting to hide alternating with being very friendly. The hiding periods are getting shorter, and less frequent, so I’d say just give her time. Try some litter with a cat attractant in it, and an open box if you currently have a covered one.
She may feel more comfortable in a smaller space, so if you have a spare bathroom maybe move her in there, that would also spare your bed from further accidents.
Just keep up what you are doing, and know that it may take longer than two weeks to feel comfortable in her new home. Zazu was in quarantine for a month, and then was slowly allowed access to new rooms by using puppy gates. She stayed in her room just at night for another couple weeks before getting full run of the house. Patience is key. Slow movements, soft voices. Treats after playtime. Lots of positive energy - tell her she’s a good girl often!
As far as feeding kibble - if it’s all she will eat by all means do not starve her, but do keep trying other things. I’d recommend trying freeze-dried raw if she’s not liking the wet, it’s more like the consistency of kibble but can also be rehydrated. I have one kibble addict who looooooves his freezies, and we’ve been able to get him way down on kibble intake with it.
Hang in there, she sounds like a sweet girl overall.


Thank you for the help. I feel better knowing that this is normal.
I've only been reading ( from Google) about behavior and so many mixed info I had to ask. She has been great today. She ate her raw food today.....finally!
This forum afgers better info
Thank you again.

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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Welcome and congratulations on your new cat!

You mention that this 2 year old cat was being sold because she rejected her kittens, do you know how long ago that was? And was she spayed before you got her? And how long ago was that?

Has she been to a vet since the peeing started to rule out a urinary tract infection?

What did you clean the pee spot on the bed with, and was there a waterproof mattress protector on the bed or have you now thoroughly soaked the mattress with a good enzyme cleaner like Anti Icky Poo? It's important to clean up accidents as cats have way more sensitive noses than we do so what we think is clean may not be to them. If they smell a trace of urine they will mark there again. I suggest two waterproof mattress protectors so that you can swap one out while laundering it... and doing a quick wash cycle with enzyme cleaner then a normal wash cycle with a fragrance free detergent. Avoid bleach in your laundry as the odor of bleach can attract some cats to pee.

Get some Cat Attract litter for the litterbox. It really helps with some cats.

Maybe a Feliway diffuser for the room, it really helps calm some cats.

4 days is a very short time, so just be patient. Consider also adding some white noise to the room for when you are not there, too quiet and an animal can startle at every little noise. A radio or tv at low volume can make all the difference!


Thank you.

She had kittens May 17.
She was spayed Oct 9th and yes she had a vet visit before we picked her up.
Clean bill of health.
Everything from the vet shots etc are up to date, as we have copies of the vet papers, each visit.

Hormones out of control, her coat is dark, the breeder says it will lighten once hormones settle. From having babies and being spayed.

I will get a waterproof matress cover. Great idea!

I did add a radio last night. Didn't help.

I do have a question are your cats (or anyone reading this ) crazy at night time?

I tried yesterday to play all day with her to tire her out, it worked up until 10:30 onward, non stop meow some yowls too. Goes crazy, big pupils, I've tried to play with her thinking she just needs to get rid of some energy and gets pet, affectionate at times but not as much during the day.
She is so affectionate during the day rubs all over me, my neck,face,legs, arms anything she can find to let you know to pay attention to her. At night it's here I am pet me then .... squirrel,she looses all focus and back to being vocal.

I tried to play with her, pet her, anything. It all works for few minutes then it's back to meows and yowls.
Is that normal, any idea if she will stop once settled? Hormones how long do they take to settle after her babies and spay?
I try during the day to get her active but she looks at me as much to say ,really, you want me to play,not now,I'm tired, go away.
Im lost for what to do, I'm exhausted.

I am going to look into the Feliway diffuser.
Maybe that might help....

Thank you for all the advice!
I want to do the best I can for her, I'm not finding a lot of information online.
I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I need sleep.


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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
How interesting that the coat has changed so much with kittens, I've not seen that in my cats. I have found that the texture can change a bit during pregnancy and kittens but not color.

Give everything time. The radio, the play, the spending time with her. This is a huge change for her, to be taken away from everything she knows, and she's not a young adaptable kitten. It's not just the hormones although that is a part of it. It's also the changes...and some cats become very vocal with distress and anxiety.

As to your question on how much she will change once settled, given that I didn't know her before all this, it's hard to say. Some cats ARE vocal and so if she is a chatty cat that will be what she remains. Anxiety and stress will make that worse, but some cats just are noisier than others.

Have you tried the hunt, eat sleep routine just before bedtime? So vigorous play session, then food snack then go about your night routine to get into bed.


Yes I've tried that, once the later night comes, she is in a different world it seems, nothing that normally works during the day will work for her at this time.
I know she is adjusting and it's tough.
I'm just not sure what to expect.
Thank you

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Good morning!

Just an update, things are going very well. Tora is fitting in just fine. Adjusting well.
I'm thankful for the advice given, helps me understand what is normal for her.....I appreciate the help.
I was not knowing the acclimation process, I'm learning as I go. What an experience.
Rewarding experience.
We both had our first night of full sleep lol she actually slept. Seems like she is settling in nicely.
Feels good.
Hope you all have a great day!

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Staff member
She is a pretty girl, I'm glad to hear that she is starting to settle in. It can sometimes take weeks or months for an adult to adjust to a new home, so just know that you are making good progress!