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Bella and cooked ham


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Bella has gotten very picky lately and won't eat raw chicken at all.
She wants beef or cooked ham.
I would like to know if ham is ok or not. Is it too salty?
If it's ok should I limit it to just a treat?


Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Ham is not a good choice of diet, as you say it is salty and full of other stuff too I think.... Beef is a safer choice...


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She is worse than a little kid on food pickiness. If she does not get some thing
she will try to trip you at the fridge. She wraps around your legs like a little furry
snake and pushes. Silly cat.
I have tried venison, turkey, shrimp, chicken, rabbit, tuna, salmon, cooked beef
I have not tried mice or chicks
She likes cooked ham, raw beef,chicken jerky and her EVO kibble
To give you an idea how odd she is. She also likes grated horseradish. If I am making some I
can't keep her paws off the counter .
I looked up the horseradish and it only said that it was an irritant for cats

This all would not be so bad other than the fact that she demands food by doing the leg wrap.



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I think that she may of learned it in the first 18 Mo before she came
to live wit h us, They used to feed beef so that is where that came from.
My breeder said that beef is not really very good for a full time diet.
I would think that she would know being very good with high % Savannahs.
She also got me to a vet that I am very happy with.

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