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Best carrier for short trips


Savannah Kitten
Hellooo! I’m not sure if I’m posting on the right thread or not, so my apologies if it isn’t!

I’ve been stalking amazon for a new cat carrier, and all of them have so many mixed reviews that I’m very indecisive at this point...

My F3C is the sweetest girl in the entire world and so so so tolerant and patient with just about everything.... except at the vet LOL. She wouldn’t move out of the carrier i brought her in last time and we ended up having to take the top off of it to get the shots in (we also had a GREAT vet tech that knows about the savannah breed).

Anyways, I have previously used a carrier from a friend that looked like it was for a smaller dog and it was PERFECT but I obviously need my own, and my friend couldn’t remember where she got hers from. She used it for 2 very small cats. My issue is I just could never find one that would fit Kendi just right. She’s about 16 pounds.

Any suggestions would be wonderful, our appointment is upcoming and it sounds so silly but i really can’t seem to find anything that would comfortably fit her! I even considered having a vet to come to the house so that she doesn’t have to be stressed in general, but i really like the staff at this vet office (not anti breeder, not anti raw diet, etc).

Thanks in advance !

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