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Beware of green lasers for you fur friends and yourself.


Site Supporter
I knew about the UV to green conversion in the green laser pointers. But I was not aware that it's not 100% and there can be some leakage of the higher power UV light from the LED inside if someone has been cheap when building these pointers. My cats have never been that interested in the green dot. They like the red dot far more.
This video goes into the hazards and does not go too deep into the heavy duty science. He does a good job explaining and showing how they can be unsafe. So if you use a laser pointer to entertain your pets please keep this in mind for yourself and your fur children. The UV that leaks past some filters can really harm your eyes and that of any pet.

So please stay safe.



Site Supporter
Sort of an after thought. I was moving some storage boxes around and found
the Christmas lighting box. Guess what is in there. Yep green laser projectors
from China. Now they did come from Costco. BUT I don't know if they knew what
to test for because I did not before seeing that video. With the Christmas projectors
you are shooting the laser beams at the house. That brings the risk of hitting a
person in the eye or a cat in the eye if they are like mine and hang out in the
windows watching things and people. I think I need to test these things out.