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Big Cat Rescue SPEWS NONSENSE AND IGNORANCE - Savannah Cats and Bengal Cats Make Bad Pets?


Savannah Super Cat
I have never had a cat before show so much affection and be so gentle and patient with my kids. My SV has stolen my heart and I cannot imagine a better pet!


Staff member
We all know that is completely ridiculous! Anyone who has ever owned a Savannah or Bengal knows that this is rubbish! My life wouldn't be complete without my Savannah babies!


Savannah Super Cat
They love being a family member and are always, and I mean always, in the middle of whatever is going on. Their personalities are like dogs, cats and 2 year olds rolled into one! You find you don't need TV much with them around as they provide hours of entertainment. And because they enjoy tea parties: image.jpg

They cheer you up when you need it: image.jpg

And if this doesn't scream "viciousness": image.jpg


Site Supporter
This makes me so angry.
Last night, the SPCA pet therapy volunteer coordinator contacted me to ask if we could fit another rehab center on our therapy pet visit list. It was a targeted email sent to 6 volunteers, not to the entire volunteer list, based on the needs of the new location. We committed to adding another rehab center to our visits.

On Friday, I spoke to a local hospital coordinator who is looking into having the hospital's therapy dog program opened up to be a therapy pet program. SHE LOVED THE IDEA OF ADDING A THERAPY CAT TO THE HOSPITAL'S PROGRAM and was going to call my volunteer coordinator for a reference on D. She sent us an application and we are working on it now.

I'm hesitant to post in public the pet therapy locations where I take D because I worry about backlash due to things like this, which is ridiculous. We shouldn't have to worry that by telling people about our loving, patient, caring kitties that they will be removed from programs like the one D is in, but I can't help worrying about that when I see things like this. My volunteer coordinators know that my boy is an F5 SBT SV, but because of fearmongering like this, I am not open about the fact that he is a SV, and because he is melanistic, most people don't realize he is anything more than a particularly large cat.

Oh, and someone should tell my 3 year old niece who loves Aunt Nicole's kitties because she can pick them up and snuggle with them, but can't pick up or snuggle with her own cat, that SV's make bad pets. CLEARLY the kiddo is reaching the wrong conclusion.

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Think a Savannah is a poor pet? Think a Bengal is a poor pet? Who would have more credibility? One video of an obviously troubled cat in the past, posted on a site, looking for donations? Or perhaps.....

Look through these threads on this site. This site reveals the trials and overwhelming success of the breed. If a person has a problem with their cat, they come here for assitance. No censoring. Posting after posting reveals the amazing intelligence, energy, ability, and personality of Savannahs. I have foster homed a couple of Bengals. Just as amazing for the same reasons.

I could spend all day discussing the virtues of the breed. But I would be one voice. Currently this site has over 1600 members, the vast majority of whom own these special cats. Let their postings tell your their personal experiences of thousands of cats.

Ask yourself, why do so many have more than one Savannah?


Animal Communicator
She listens to me and sits with me when I need her. She makes me laugh and follows me like a dog. She is a CAT, not a wild animal.