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Big Cat Rescue Website.....Is there a war going on here?


Reincarnated cat Moderator
That is the TOTAL MISINFORMATION and LIES being Spread around about Savannahs, Bengals, And Chausies. True that the wild cats ( Servals, Asian Leopard cats etc. ) should be carefully controlled, ( NOT BANNED! ) the DOMESTIC off spring are no more in need of banning or control then ANY other DOMESTIC cat or dog. Big Cat Rescue Has NO RIGHT to even suggest such a thing. I REALLY cannot say what I want to say here, because it would be socially unacceptable. Personally, I think Big Cat Rescue should be banned. They are obviously not informed enough to be able to make a rational decision about ANYTHING!
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Savannah Super Cat
I skimmed some of that but it made me angry enough to want to throw my phone....
But I guess regular domestics need to be banned too since I've seen more vicious domestics than I have even remotely heard about so-called hybrids. I just hope there are enough people out there that do research and don't jump on the first bandwagon that rolls by...


Savannah Super Cat
They seem to just have an agenda. Im writing this as my 5 year old daughter is playing with (and falling in love with) my brand new f2 kitty in his quarantine room. I understand that there are millions of rescue kittens and cats that are in need of homes and that paying thousands for a savannah may come across as a slap in the face to this issue... but thats no reason to defame a breed through fear mongering. Im not even sure if thats their motivation...

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
The real hidden issue here is the campaign to raise money for big cat rescue.
Such a narrow minded approach to a problem that is not theirs to begin with. Organizations like bengal rescue, chausie rescue, and savannah rescue, are already in place to help the challenges of the very few problems out there (taken as a percentage).
They should stick to their name. Big cats. Leave the domestics alone. Our organizations can handle it. Our organizations are the experts in handling the problems.
It amazes me, the conclusions drawn from exposure to a miniscule percentage of a breed.
Perhaps we need to start a campaign against non zoological organizations having these proven dangerous big cats in private hands.


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Wow. Bengals are being bred for the fur trade?! Really?! There are so many lies and misinformation throughout. This woman sounds so sincere and yet is so deliberately evil.


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I think that we need to start gathering facts here.
For cats that need to be rehomed, we have the various rescue organizations such as Bengal and Savannah Rescues so these cats should never make it into a shelter.

Question for Breeders: How many of you have a clause in the kitten contract that states that a buyer is to return the kitten/cat to you if they cannot keep it for any reason?

Question for Savannah Rescue: How many cats are typically on the list in need of rehoming? Versus how many people sign up to take in a rescue? Are there more cats that foster/permanent homes?


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Another fact gathering......They mention the threat to wildlife if a hybrid should mate with feral cats and create "super predators".

How many cats leave the breeders intact?
How many of the approximately 10,000 Savannahs in existence are sterile?


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I wish I could think of a way of gathering facts on the rest of the nonsense she spouts......

How many SVs spray?

How many SVs are aggressive?

How many SVs howl thru the night? I really like the part about "It seems to accompany carrying toys around in their mouths and is yet one more sad reminder of how confused these cats are."

How many SVs have projectile diarrhea?

How many SVs have been vaccinated for rabies?

How many SVs bite and how many SV servants have scars all over their hands from them?

And, knowing that Hybrids are "far too rough to live with domestic cats and dogs and are certainly not safe to have around children or the elderly" many SV servants still allow them around their domestic dogs, cats children and the elderly?


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Rafiki. Breathe. I just went thru that whold essay of BS and all The subsequent comment by their supporters. People believe the lies they are told by angry uninformed lying sub human people. I am totally not suggesting this, but sometimes I think a cat (ANY SIZE) would be better off dead than in the hands of BCR


Staff member
Linda, we are already doing a survey to dispel many of their lies...will be posting a link to it, so I hope you all will take the time to take the survey...