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Bijou Says Hi!


Savannah Super Cat
Hi All, I forgot to post it on this site, but I had it posted on Facebook. Sadly my little girl ended up passing away back in March of this year. The adoption age was 8 and I had her for 3 years. There wasn't a person that came in to contact with her that didn't love her.

At this point, I'm ready to start the process of looking to bring home a new kitty, but as I search online I find so many breeders and just don't know which one to turn to. This time around, I'm looking for and F1 or F2.

I figured I'd come back to this wonderful forum that help me bring home my first Savannah kitty.


Staff member
Drew as you know, I was heartbroken about Bijou. Feel free to pm me and I will help you find a great kitten!

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