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Biting and Pulling Nail/Skin Left Forepaw



Louie started doing this, occasionally last week. He does not appear to be stressed, but it IS stressing me. The paw looks OK to me. The sound of the paw leather "snapping" like a rubber band is very distressing to me.
Anybody else experience this? What could it be? I don't want him to maul himself, as I hear that some unhappy animals will do this. He's about the happiest camper you'd ever meet! He lives on my lap or in my arms. Purrs at the drop of the hat. Answers me when I say his name. I get all the right feedback from him, so am a bit puzzled.


Site Supporter
Sometimes they are just pulling the outer skin off their claws. Ours do this occasionally, and I wouldn't worry if it isn't excessive. We find them in the carpet frequently.



Staff member
I'm not quite sure what you are describing. Jeremy is correct that cats will pull off the old, outer nail to reveal a new, sharper nail, but if he is actually biting and pulling his skin and/or paw pad then it might be that there is something embedded in it that you can't see (e.g., tiny thorn, glass shard) but is irritating to him.