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Black Beauty

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Ok are newest member of the family is Black Beauty or BB for short she is a F5C Melanistic. She is so black that it is hard to show off the spots when you take her picture. BB blends into the night very well and it takes a bit to find her when she is sleeping. Our bed spread is black and grey and she blends in so well she has made me jump back in surprise. She sleeps right behind me in bed so when I roll over I don't see her right away until she opens her eyes and scares me out of the bed. BB has fit right in with the rest of the gang just fine. She happens to be the fastest in the house and all you see is a black flash. She is also the loudest sniffer in the house. She was going to be a breeder and has been in her own room by herself for about 6 months until we got brought her into the family. Very loving and sweet for being by herself for so long. I am so pleased to have her in the family. I have wanted a melanistic SV ever since I saw one in a picture after I got my Snow. She is also a food hog when it comes to dinner time.

DSC_0931.JPG DSC_0916.JPG DSC_0908.JPG DSC_0920.JPG DSC_0929.JPG DSC_0927.JPG

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Thanks Pam. I have at least 50 pictures of her that she is just pitch black except the whiskers that are white. I never thought that it would be that hard to show the spots on her.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Love the whisker thing, that's so unique! My black boy Baz has a few white whiskers scattered amongst the black ones, not nearly so cool as that!

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
I have been very blessed I think with picking out animals and caring for them. I have cared for an Ocelot and a lion *kitten when I was younger and raised farel cats. I still have two farel cats that are 16 years old so six Sv's on top of the two for eight total at the moment. Even my breeder says in the after life she would like to come back as one of my cats. I provide a big jungle gym for my kitties to run around on in the house. It also wears them out and lets them run at will and chase each other. I make cat Trees and cat walks as a hobby for my cats and other people as well. I have 9 cat trees and like 7 cat walks in my house. I have made 3 cat trees for my breeder alone. I build them extra strong for the SV's. Since getting SV's my normal cat trees did not hold up to well. The larger size and the sharper claws and high speed attack runs tore them up fast or knocked them over all the time. We don't have kids so the kitties get all the love they want or can handle. I still get the spray bottle out when Tiger gets overly excited and try's to mount the girls. Other than that no fights just play tackle and all of them are content to run a muck in the house and outside. They are happy and they make me laugh all the time It is a circus at my house all the time and I would not have it any other way. I just love them so much.

DSC_0698.JPG DSC_0684.JPG DSC_0234.JPG DSC_0261.JPG DSC_0498.JPG DSC_0502.JPG DSC_0869.JPG image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

Kurt Mylar

Savannah Super Cat
Thanks Brigitte, I got some shots of BB sleeping with me last night. My secret to getting them to get along so well is. When I am going to bring a kitty home and I know before hand. I with drop off some kitty toys and stuff that has my kitties and my house smells on them. Once I get them home I will put them in the master bath. I will put a used kitty liter box and a new kitty box in the room along with new and used beds. Then let them get used to the smells of each other. Then once they use the litter boxes I will switch them around and let them smell some more. Then I will open up the door and watch what happens and see if they are ok together. That has been the best way for me so far to get them used to each other with out letting them see each other. I have used this for breeding as well and it worked with a Ocelot that just would not let a male even get close to her to mate. So I guess the key is the litter boxes the most to get used to each other. That's my opinion or two cents worth.

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg