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Black nose genetics question

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
Hi, I have been wondering about the genetics of black noses. Do both parents either have to carry or show the trait for their offspring to have black noses? Or is it something like eye color, you have a 50% chance at offspring getting it?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I believe it is inherited as a recessive gene. When breeding pink nosed Savannahs together, the black noses can pop out, but when breeding two black nosed BSTs together I've always had black-nosed offspring.


Staff member
I'm not quite sure what you're asking Angie but in order to produce black noses I believe a pink nosed cat has to carry for black, however there are pink nosed cats that do not carry for black.

Wild Tafari

Savannah Super Cat
We have a black-nosed F2 that was bred with a pink-nosed stud and had 3 F3 kittens, two of which have black noses and the third with a very dark nose that I suspect will have a shade of pink in the center of her nose.
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Chirps & Massive Headbutts
Just an observation, my F1 Amaury has a black nose (I keep looking to see if any hints of pink are blossoming, but nooone so far). Anyways, his Serval dad has a black nose, and his F5 mom does as well. So maybe not too surprising he's a black noser. (he's also a 'brown noser' around me :) ). dj


Savannah Super Cat
So according to Brigitte black nose must then be like blue eyes! That is why some pick nosed doesn't have to always carry for black nose (as brown eyed person whose any of the parent doesn't have blue eyes..). So if mother and father have pink noses and for example just one of them is a carrier for black you will never end up with black nosed kitten. You can easily find out if a pink nosed cat carries for black - just check if one of cat's parents has black nose..


Savannah Super Cat
I am just wondering..Pinked striped black noses are probably still classified as black noses? I know this characteristic is inherited from servals as many of them posses this type of coloration on their nose..Could it be like a different gene, Brigitte?