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Blood in stool


Savannah Super Cat
I need some advise, I'm worried.

The last two days Loki has had a small amount of blood in his stool like he had after the obstruction surgery.

Not much, but noticable. Any thoughts? I've been monitoring each day and it is just a touch, but I am terrified considering what we have gone through.

Vet appointment? And if so, what should they do? The last time I took him to the vet, they didn't notice the obstruction. It ended with emergency surgery at a different office.


John Popp

Site Supporter
I always err on the side of caution and take them to the vet. I also feel like I am racing against the weekend as the quality of care that I can get goes way down and that just adds to the angst. We've been through the bowel obstruction issue with both boys and in retrospect, having taken them to the vet earlier would have been positive.

Can you describe what the stools look like? Is the blood red or black, are the stools loose or firm? Appetite?


Savannah Super Cat
He's eating great and is very active. Stools are firm with just a drop of red blood on top. This has been the case two days in a row now.

I'll see what it's like this morning.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Good that it's not black, sounds like it might be hemorrhoids. If he's eating a raw diet and the stools are pretty dry, I might back off a bit on the bone content.

I'd still opt to get into a vet if there continues to be blood present today.


Staff member
I agree with John! If his stools are dry, it could just be sure blood from irritation if he is pushing. I would take him in if it continues. Does he drink water?

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Savannah Super Cat
Thanks everyone! He has had three days of stinky large stools with no blood. I am so paranoid since his surgery. It's maybe wrong I analyze his poo each morning...

He drinks water everyday, usually he sucks it out of a sock he has killed which is gross.

I feed kibble and canned (instinct for kibble and wellness for canned) have thought about raw but it is intimidating to me. I have my ragdoll too who I don't think would make the change.

What in the world would cause blood in stool?


Site Supporter
have thought about raw but it is intimidating to me. I have my ragdoll too who I don't think would make the change.
Raw was intimidating to me, as well. Bacteria was my biggest concern, but there hasn't been a single issue with that since we started 8 months ago. I wouldn't go back now that I've seen the benefits. What do you find intimidating about it?

I started by getting chicken thighs that I dipped in boiling water for 30 seconds, and cut up for them. Briefly seared beef was a hit, too. If your ragdoll will eat that, then he(?) will likely also eat raw. You can mix some into the canned to get them used to it, as well, gradually increasing the raw until that's all they're eating.

I wouldn't worry too much about the blood, unless it continues. If his poo is large sized that might cause little tears that will bleed red drops when he passes them. Like hemmorhoids will in people. If he eats a lot of kibble that will bulk up his stool.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Can I just add pumpkin to how canned food?
You can certainly add the pumpkin to the canned food, although it's not an end-all solution. I would take a good look at the food you are feeding, think about getting rid of the kibble and pay close attention to the number of carbs and phosphorous.

What you're looking for is 35+% calories from protein, less than 10% of calories from carbs (preferably ZERO), and a phosphorous number under 300mg/100calories. Don't worry about the fat content, cats don't metabolize things the way we do.

It's a shame because there are lots of companies that make good food, but you need a treasure map to figure out which ones they are. Then, of course, not all of their offerings are ideal.

Hope that helps some, and that's a thinly veiled recommendation to swallow your spit and move to a raw diet.