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blue buffalo....


Savannah Child
first how does the blue buffalo do for savannah's diets? our new kitty is an f2 female... purchased from joykatz. she had her on blue buffalo and that's what I've always fed my dogs in the past. she seems to like the wet food a LOT.... we had her on the dry food at first that she was used to, but she would only nibble here and there at it.... with the wet food she DEVOURS it.

we actually ran out of the wet yesterday, and when I got home for work she greeted me in the kitchen... jumped up on the counter and started meowing. I knew what she wanted. I didn't have any and twenty minutes later I heard a small crash in the pantry. she knocked down a tuna can which was next to where we keep the wet cat food!

second question...the thing is, she doesn't like the wet KITTEN mix. she only likes the adult mixes with the larger chunks of meat in it. she's almost 5 months old exactly... I wanted to keep her on kitten mix a bit longer... will it be ok if I just keep her on the adult mix and supplement with the kitten dry blue buffalo food?

thanks in advance!


Staff member
Blue Buffalo is fine and wet food is MUCH better than dry. Using the adult mix is fine and yes, supplement with the dry if you want.

You may even want to transition her to raw at some point in time. Hope this helps!