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Blunt questions...

Suzanne H

Savannah Super Cat
Ok I'm not trying to tick anyone off. But to justify to my husband the price of Savannahs he wants to know other than having a wonderful pet, what can be done.
So, anything above F5 SBT you can't show, correct?
However, there is breeding, something I'm unsure of, just yet.
But if you have a queen of any generation, and no studs to hook her up with, can you go in with another breeder for their stud to impregnate the queen? How do you split the kittens up? (Ack! that doesn't sound right)
I hope this is making sense.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
No, you can have an F4 SBT and that is show eligible...what is important is the SBT bit after May 1st... not F-number. You can't get SBT before F4 hence it needs to be at least F4 in any case :)

It is rare to have stud service offered, particularly in the Savannah breed. It is way more complicated in cats than dogs... cats don't tend to immediately like strange cats so it is not as easy to just bring your cat over for a quickie so you pretty much need someone to be able to house your female for possibly some weeks to months. There are more transmissible germs to worry about with cats than dogs that can affect fertility too.

If you found someone willing to offer this service to you, then often they will charge a flat fee or they might want a kitten back. Definitely a good idea to have terms spelled out up front.

I strongly believe that someone shouldn't breed simply because they think the price of a Savannah too steep and want to somewhat recoup the money by kitten sales. Breeding cats is not for the faint-hearted and can end up costing you more money than you make...just one emergency c-section for example could lose you all the profit you were imagining!

Trish Allearz

Okay, let me see if I can type fast enough before Baby goes into full meltdown...

SBT can be at F4 level- so you can show F4 SBT once May 1st rolls around. Anything A, B, or C- you cannot show- regardless of generation- in the SV CH rings.

As far as breeding goes- SOME breeder swill stud out their males, but I think you will find it much trickier then you might expect. For one- health issues. Cats can carry some silent issues (say as simple as giardia- which is a poop bug) that are hard to catch and while they might not be deadly, breeders don't like to take risks within their own catteries. You know the saying- if it's not broke, don't fix it? Yeah- well, I think catteries are often like that. So while you might find a breeder who will stud out- it's not as common as in the dog world.

Also, with a female- if she goes into heat, but does not become pregnant- she can go right back into heat again. She may go into heat back to back to back or she may go into heat and then not for another six months- whatever. How long are YOU, the owner, going to want to let your BABY stay at the breeder's? And let's not even consider as a regular pet owner taking the breeder's stud home. First- the breeder probably values her boy a lot and second- you really don't typically want to deal with a stud male in your home unless you are actually set up for their stinkiness.

Okay- baby crying :) Hope that helped some!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Many assume they can just drop by with their cat, breed it and leave again. If only it were that easy and convenient.

Actually my wish is for AI to become more possible in we could all stop having to keep studs and just get sperm sent on dry ice for use... stud males are disgustingly smelly and very very inconvenient to deal with!

Suzanne H

Savannah Super Cat
See, that's the kind of answers I'm looking for. At, the other place that would have caused a bar fight, lol. Or a cat fight!
ok sorry amusing myself.
Anyway, I know that in no way am I ready for breeding. But I want to know what options are out there. This Friday, Chester my MK male is getting neutered and I'm happy for that. He hasn't tried to spray anything, as of yet, although he did hop up onto my new comforter and peed on Erik, because his litter box was in need of cleaning. Needless, to say I called the vet that day.
Honestly, I would like to show, I think that would be a blast. Luckily, at least for now, there are no laws here that I can find to prevent me from having a Savannah, I just can't have a cougar, wolf, or a polar bear! A polar bear, geeze where would I keep that.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It's not just the males spraying, the hormones mean their pee is just stinky... so even IF they only use the litterbox, that litterbox reeks like skunk. So good for you neutering your Chester, you will enjoy him so much better that way!

Showing at least in cats does NOT mean keeping them intact like in dogs...we have the "alter" class in cats which means if you want to show that is what you should aim for. I have a British Shorthair Alter I show along with my Savannahs and it can be the toughest class in the show...


I am glad you are asking all these questions first! I always fear people just want to jump in and breed breed breed and end up as a BYB and have dollar signs in their eyes lol.

I would like to show my cats, and have thought about how cool it would be to breed - but ultimately I don't think I could breed cats because I am just not cut out to do that. Dogs on the other hand, you bet!

I currently am showing my little Cavalier girl, Coco, having her health tests done one by one, seeking out mentors, and waiting for her to be of proper age... then MAYBE will breed her. It takes time, and a lot of money up front as well and I don't even know if she will be suitable to have a litter, ever!