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BOBSweep Robot Vacuum


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Patti, I would ask them what the difference is between Bob and does look pretty cool though!


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That's an idea - they say the pet model is quieter so doesn't scare the animals, and is able to get pet hair out of carpet better than other models. I found a Groupon deal for one for only $219 (regularly $599) so am really tempted to get one, although in all practicality I'm not sure it would survive my Savannahs...


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I missed out on this the last time so am jumping on it this time - a 67% discount, even more than the last time, may be worth it. Anyway, here is the deal if anyone else is interested: bobsweep


Savannah Super Cat
I could certainly enjoy having one of those. Unfortunately I am a tad under-funded presently.

John Popp

Site Supporter
OK, I was able to grab one of these as it pretty much matched yup price wise with a handheld we had on the insurance list. We also have had a Roomba for a while, which works great.

While at first I wasn't that impressed with the BOBSweep, it's growing on me. Way harder to program than the Roomba, but at least you only need to do it once. It has a couple different program modes, and before I got it figured out it was just running until it had a low charge and would start again when it was recharged.

While the bin is a lot bigger on the BOBSweep, it takes a lot less to have it register as full and bring up an error code. The patterns it uses while cleaning are pretty much rudimentary and certainly don't use all the logic that the Roomba does. The corner/edge cleaner constantly spins, which actually ends up being a benefit as the cats wait for the Roomba's 4 wand brush to engage and then beat the crap out of it.

The motor certainly doesn't have as much torque as the Roomba. You can hear it really work when it transitions from the wood floors to carpeting. It also tends to grab cords a bit more than a Roomba, although for either of them you need to make sure they are secured.

Lastly, it definitely runs quieter than a Roomba and almost goes unnoticed when you are a floor away. I don't see much difference in how well they clean, although the BOBSweep is more likely to miss something because it simply missed and area on that cycle.

Anyway, definitely worth it at the Groupon Price.