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Born on the fourth of July


Staff member
Well, I think it’s about time to come out of the closet and expose the latest love of my life. This little girl was a complete surprise to me. Her mother Jasiri is actually the very first breeder Savannah that I ever purchased. She was four years old before she ever got pregnant and lost that litter. Over the next three to four years she actually became pregnant several times but either reabsorbed or lost the kittens within 24-48 hours. We had one miracle boy that was bottle raised from birth, born blind but otherwise healthy about five years ago. Unfortunately he succumbed to pneumonia when he was about three years old and passed away.

Uhuru 2013 0707 01.JPG

Jasiri turned ten years old this year and I was actually scheduling her to be spayed when I realized that she looked pregnant. I was a bit doubtful since she had been in with this boy for the past two years and never gotten pregnant, but was aware when she had been bred so knew when she was about due. Once she was a week past her due date I was really skeptical but she continued to look pregnant so I hung in there with her. Finally, 11 days past her due date, on the fourth of July she brought into this world a precious little girl.

Uhuru 2013 0713 06.JPG

Unfortunately Jasi’s milk did not come in right away so I started right off the bat supplementing the kitten. Even more unfortunately, after about 24 hours of this Jasi decided that she did not care for me messing with her daughter, even though she still had no milk to offer so started attacking me. At that point I was going in dressed from head to toe in leather and heavy denim so that I could snag the little one and quickly feed her. I realized none of us could survive this for long so even though my hope was that mom’s milk would eventually come in I could not wait forever so made the excruciating decision to pull the kitten and raise her myself.

Uhuru 2013 0718 03.JPG

Poor little girl did not have an easy go of it. Three times in the first five weeks I was convinced I was going to lose her. Each time, with a change of diet and a lot of prayer she bounced back. Finally by six weeks she was thriving and weaning onto solid food. Throughout her journey she was always a very sweet, happy, and loving kitten, purring as soon as she saw me or heard my voice.

Uhuru 2013 0728 07.JPG

Well, she turned seven weeks old today and is an amazing little critter. She is loving, confident, demanding, and constantly wanting to play. My biggest challenge is still her diet. I had a teenage girl caring for her during the day while I was at work but she started back to school this week, ergo the need to get her onto solid food. Unfortunately, I could not get her to touch anything except raw, which she goes wild over. Of course I was concerned about leaving enough raw out during the day to tide her over for the 10-12 hours that I was gone but (thanks to an idea I got from a post from Paige) I got the notion to make a cooling station for her food. That turned out to be relatively easy. I had a couple of ice packs from vaccines that I had shipped in which fit perfectly into a sandwich sized Tupperware container. I freeze the raw then cut it into small bits and keep it frozen until the morning when I put it in a shallow metal dish that sits on top of the cooling station. So far that has worked quite well and the ice pack and dish are still cold when I get home in the evening.

Uhuru 2013 0810 06.JPG

I finally decided this week that she was going to survive so it was safe to name her. Again a dilemma – I had been calling her Uhuru, which means freedom in Swahili, in honor of her birth date, but that just doesn’t sound dainty enough for her. I was told by some I should call her miracle because it really is a miracle that she has survived – her older brother’s name was actually Miracles so it would honor his memory as well. Others reminded me that she is an unexpected and precious gift – something I never anticipated from Jasiri after all these years. So instead of compromising I incorporated and decided to name her:
Jasirisana Uhuru Siku (Independence Day) Kimiujizi (miracle) Jazi (gift)
The last name Jazi carries double meaning – it recognizes her as a special gift, but also honors her mother Jasi by carrying the (almost) same name. However, I think in the end I will probably shorten her name to Kimi (KEE-mee). It seems to suit her and fit her personality.

Uhuru 2013 0817 01.JPG

So this is my story of how a miracle visited my home this year. Sorry to be so long winded, but in case you hadn’t picked up on it, I am madly and totally in love with this precious little girl and just can’t seem to stop bragging on her :in love:


Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
A complete little miracle! Wow! Also a testament to your patience to go through SO many years of waiting and failed pregnancies...

How great that she is thriving and I am sure we shall see more of her now, congratulations :)


Savannah Super Cat
Beautiful little the black nose......hoping to see more pics......congrats!:)


Staff member
What a story and miracle for you, jasiri and jazi! Congrats! She is an adorable girl and I can see why you are so in love with her...hopefully you will continue to update us on her progress...

Trish Allearz

She is beautiful! I wouldn't have had your patience- but look at what a wonderful gift you received for it!

Beautiful, beautiful!


Staff member
Thanks so much everyone for the encouragement and support. I really never expected this darling little soul to come into my life and had simply been procrastinating over getting Jasiri spayed... hoping against hope, but never really expecting such an amazing miracle after all this time - and a girl to boot! :big grin: She is such a sweet, happy, loving little soul, I am truly blessed :in love:


Site Supporter
Thank you very match for the interesting story. Fantastic!!! Kimi is very pretty, sweet and happy girl, because she has a such beautiful mother like you:)