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Brand/type of harness?


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Hello all,
We'll be getting our F5 boy Zyon from Trish in 2 weeks (seems like forever) and I'm trying to plan ahead on some items. We know we want to harness/leash train him and i looked today @ Petsmart and there wasn't anything that looked safe or secure. I've been looking on Amazon too and only one looks promising (Kitty Holster Cat Harness) but I'm not sure if it's SV safe. I have seen the leash training post but don't really see any specific brand suggestions for a safe harness? I checked out the site sponsor's page but none of those harnesses have a "male" design and are mostly girly. Any suggestions? I don't need it any time soon but definitely once he's settled here fully want to get started on acclimating him! If no brand suggestions what about what type of securing fasteners - are they all velcro?
Thanks, Karen


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We used a medium sized ferret harness when we got Sasha home. It was secure, had Velcro and adjustable clips to fasten. It comes with a leash.


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Great ideas thanks! I think I might just order a couple different ones and then do trial and error (eventually)!


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I have used the puppy one harness...since it adjusts neck and girth, I really was able to make it fit!

Trish Allearz

I really really prefer the custom made harnesses for kitties. I don't feel like the ones you can buy at a store are often secure enough if you are going to take them out and about. I will say-- I have used them, but only with a pet stroller (so they are already in the stroller and then attached to the lead to the harness.)


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I agree after looking around. I think I'll go with the walking jacket from Kasbah once we get our little guy, which seriously seems like way too long away! Trying to plot how to get him earlier knowing I can't.....! Thanks for the ideas. I like the Mynwood too!