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Bravecto Plus vs Revolution Plus


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In the past I've always used Revolution Plus, but am considering Bravecto Plus since it lasts for 2 months and Shango doesn't enjoy having the treatments put on him. Although he does better with topical compared to pills (he refuses to eat them even when I hide in treats or crush into a powder and try to hide in his food). I prefer to just give him 1 thing so I like that both of these offer protection against heartworms as well as fleas and ticks (among other things).

I can't seem to find many reviews on Bravecto Plus for cats. I know he does okay/no bad reactions with Revolution Plus so I'm not sure if it's worth risking a bad reaction switching him to something new, but it would be nice to only have to apply once every 2 months (especially since I don't apply year round.... during extra cold months here in CO I skip treatments as recommended by my vet).

Has anyone used Bravecto Plus on their cats?

I'm not sure if certain ingredients are better than others....
Bravecto Plus (Fluralaner and Moxidectin)
Revolution Plus (Selamectin and Sarolaner)
I am using Bravecto in the summer months for both SVs, one is an F7 SBT and one is an F6. I was super paranoid the first time I tried it, but no bad side effects that I can see, and it seems my cats don’t hate it as much as they hate Advantage 2. We have very few ticks here, but both my cats now have daytime access to a larger fenced yard, and if one of them got a tick, I would not be able to get one off my more claustrophobic cat without help, and he is also totally paranoid of everybody except me. So getting non professional help would also be a bit of a nightmare. Bravecto seems like a better option.


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I am using Bravecto in the summer months for both SVs, one is an F7 SBT and one is an F6.
Do you use Bracevto Plus or just the original Bravecto? I found lots of good reviews on regular Bravecto, just can't seem to find much on US websites for the plus version that also protects against heartworms. I ended up just ordering more Revolution Plus for right now just to be safe.


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According to the box, it is just the regular Bravecto... Happily we have never had heart worm anywhere near here ( I am in Western Canada) I apologize for not picking up that you were asking for info about the plus version!