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Breed Standard

Suzanne H

Savannah Super Cat
Ok please correct me if I am wrong, God knows I'm still learning and trying to keep all of it straight in my head...

How was the breed standard developed? Colors, eye shape etc.
I know it is put forth by TICA.
just curious

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It is accepted by the TICA Board, but written by Savannah breeders, owners and enthusiasts :)

The original breed standard that TICA accepted was written by Patrick Kelley and Joyce Sroufe (the original owner of A1Savannahs) our breed history can be found at

Further revisions and amendments have been done by our breed section, members of TICA that have selected Savannah as their breed of choice.

Suzanne H

Savannah Super Cat
I've seen A1Savannahs, and read their site. Theirs was the first site I came across last fall after I lost my baby Figgy.

I've actually begun making myself a book with info in it. Its a great easy reference.