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Breeder advice

Danger Kitty

Site Supporter
Hey everybody. Looking for some advice on a breeder in my area. Anywhere in New England, New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania would be in my acceptable driving distance. I noticed a post on here from witchy woman talking about a Facebook group with all the suggested breeders. With my wife’s job it’s strongly suggested not to do much on social media. This group is closest I get, so no Facebook for me or my wife. I do have a savannah now, so I know what it’s all about. I’m looking for a silver male around an f4. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Forgive me from asking, I can understand an employer not wanting employees posting all over social media, but most of the members of the SV groups on Facebook simply lurk and read the threads and don't participate. I'm just not clear why that is so inadvisable if your profile was private and you didn't post or comment on anything but just read to learn more?

Danger Kitty

Site Supporter
Hi Brigitte. Her work is in cyber security. It’s advised to keep her digital footprint small. It’s also a good feeling knowing that neither of us have had a fb account. So many people get addicted to it and have to get on there. It also feels like too much of a competition and you’re trying to make people jealous with the best 10% of your life. I did ask my mother to request to join the group, she’s waiting for notification.
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Staff member
@Danger Kitty -- I copied the FB vetted breeders for you. There are currently no recommended breeders in PA. Full disclosure -- the owner of this forum also owns Agato SVs in NJ.

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