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Breeder interaction with Buyers


Savannah Super Cat
hi, new to the site and a near future owner of my first savannah...I have a question regarding breeders, should they be very involved with communication and updates regarding the future buyer of the , photos...I have put down a deposit, but have yet to speak one on one with the breeder over the phone about the kitten..have asked and she stated she was too busy to stop to chat but would answer my all my communication is via email, text...I have been trying to get some updates on the kitten and pics...and asked several times about if he would have his 2nd set of vaccines by 12 weeks...I pick him up when he is 13 weeks..which I decided on, she was going to let me get him when ever I wanted..but after reading the blog and web sites decided later would be better...I now she is prob. busy but I figure for the amount of money one spends on a Savannah...a few mins of the breeders time is part of the deal...I want to get a better feel for the breeder and the kitten I am adopting....Your thoughts?

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
I have only used one breeder, and the communication has been excellent. Before purchase, deposit, pictures when the kitten was born, and during development. Shot records were provided. Advice for settling in the new kitten given with written instructions
The are plenty of breeders on this site and I am sure they will respond with their respective practices.
Congratulations. Your life will never be the same again when you get adopted by a Savannah!


Staff member
I think communication is very important although the majority of my communication is by far via email. As with your breeder, it is often difficult for me to find time to chat on the phone, in fact once I'm home from work talking on the phone is the one thing that is furthest from my mind. Besides which I much prefer to have everything in writing (e.g., emails) so that our conversations are documented in case there is ever any question about what was discussed, agreed upon, etc.

However, having said that, if I have a customer that wants to talk on the phone then by all means I will talk to them. I also always try to respond to emails within a matter of hours, although it may be very late at night by the time I get around to them. If your breeder is not answering your questions then I would be concerned. If she is too busy to call ask her to give you a time when you can call her, even if it's early am or late pm.


Staff member
Breeder interaction is essential IMO. I will not even sell a kitten without speaking to the prospective buyer in person...I want to know the person will provide a good home for my kitten and one cannot discern this via email. I just sold a kitten and spoke to the buyer several times before accepting a deposit...I keep in contact with her a couple of times a week and just provided updated photos.

I have been a pet buyer as well and would never put a deposit on a kitten if I have not directly spoken to the breeder. I want to know who the breeder is as a person...this may be just me, but I want to know my kitten has been socialized properly and well-cared for.

As a breeder...well, I don't know how a breeder who has taken your money can be too busy for you...


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks Everyone...sorry my PC locked up on, I am sure its me...I just like to get a feel for aperson that I am dealing with and want to feel comfortable about getting the kitten and his history, I want to make sure both the buyer and seller are on the same page...I also agree that emails are necessary...she has a contract and care sheet, etc.. and I am sure is very busy and a nece person...I just want that reasurrance...anyway, I will try to get her to carve out some time to talk to me...and yes I would think she would want to know a little about me and my home...Thanks again if I pick up my little guy when he is 13 weeks, the breeder should have already given him his 2nd round of vaccines..correct?


I also understand being busy but, you ARE a paying customer.... Most communication is via e-mail these days. Maybe try to set up a time to call with the breeder. Emphasize your strong desire to speak over the phone. If there is still a shut down then IDK. Things are the way they are.. :(

Everyone does things different. I don't think I would have bought my SV's without talking to the breeder before giving a down payment. Good Luck and congratulations on getting your new baby. :up:

MK Anderson

I got emails and pictures very often! I talked on the phone twice(when I was inquiring about him and right before Keeba was shipped. I have maintained a friendship since with the breeder.


Savannah Super Cat
The breeder is good about emailing me in the early morning...just some of my questions get unanswered...and its a back and forth and repeating of the same thats why I really want to talk once or twice on the phone and also want updated I can have a photo album of his growth and childhood...I will try and set something up tomorrow...